Computer navigated surgery for dental implants

Our values

We pride ourselves in giving a personalised service and looking at your oral health in a holistic manner. Everything matters and comunication is important. Our dentists are specialists in the own fields, so we get together and discuss every case so we are able to offer you the best possible solution to your dental problem.

We use digital technology and we continue training in the latest techniques, all aimed at providing you with minimally invasive procedures that have fast recovery time and are very confortable for the patient with the minimum amount of chair time.

Our latest introduction is a new way to do surgery for dental implants. Xguide navigation is a computer program that allows us to perform keyhole surgery on the same day. Together with the posibility of offering you inmediate loading teeth (teeth in a day), we are able in 90% of all cases to provide an inmediate solution to missing teeth.

Our services

  • Long lasting solutions

  • Personalised service before, during and after treatment

  • Specialised team of dentists

  • Minimally invasive procedures

  • Quality dental treatments

  • Procedures in less chair time and more comfortable for the patient

  • All types of sedation and anesthesia available at our clinic

A dental clinic in Málaga with state of the art technology, modern facilities and specialist dentists in all fields of dentistry with more than 15 years experience.

Our dental treatments

Advanced dental implant dentistry

advanced dental implants malaga

Advanced cosmetic dentistry


Our leading dentist in Málaga

Dr. Daniel Tafur DDS PhD

  • Spanish dental registration number: 2189

  • Clinical director of two dental practices

  • Dental implant and oral surgery specialist

  • Advanced prosthodontics

  • Dental trainer for advanced Oral Rehabilitation and Implantology

Our professional team

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Keyhole surgery for dental implants XGUIDE 
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Smile makeovers with veneers in 2 visits
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           Keyhole surgery for dental implants XGUIDE 

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Smile makeovers with veneers in 2 visits       

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