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Your dental clinic in Malaga, Your dentists in Clinica dental Tafur.

We offer you a team of highly professional and experienced doctors.

Your dentists in Malaga

In our dental clinic we offer our patients innovative equipment in order to gain the best possible results. Therefore, we apply the most advanced techniques of the dental market during every treatment. Our aim is the full satisfaction of our patients by solving successfully any kind of dental difficulty, and giving back the smile they deserve.

Furthermore, we offer to all our patients the possibility to finance their dental treatment without additional costs. Besides, we also extend to our patients fractioned payments as we cooperate with various financial institutions in order to provide you with the best possible conditions to pay for your oral health.

Get to know us! The first consultation and check up is free of charge in our dental clinic.

At Dentistas Málaga we offer a wide variety of dental treatments and dental services, with the best medical equipment and the best team of professionals.

Dental implants

We put the best dental implants in Malaga and rehabilitate them in 24 hours on a provisional basis, so you will be able to enjoy your new tooth from the first moment. In addition, we also place all kinds of dental implant, such as zygomatic implants or those guided directly by computer with a very minimally invasive surgery.

Invisible orthodontics

At Clínica Dental Málaga we use one of the best esthetic techniques in orthodontics today. We have the Invisalign certification, with which you can improve both your physical appearance and your teeth without having to place any fixed device.

With the technique of Orthodontics Malaga is made use of aligners totally transparent and barely perceptible, which no one will notice that you wear. They are really comfortable to take care of your dental health! Let yourself be advised by our orthodontist doctor.


In our Malaga Clinic we offer this great treatment in case your gums bleed when you brush your teeth or even when you eat, as well as if they are inflamed or suffer from halitosis. A treatment of periodontics in Malaga that is very little invasive with which you will say goodbye to all those infectious diseases that have been bothering you for so long, such as periodontitis or gingivitis.

Dental Aesthetics

Within the dental treatments of dentists in Malaga we also offer our clients dental aesthetics so that they can wear a beautiful and healthy smile. A physical and aesthetic aspect that is increasingly important.

For this, we dentists use the best veneers on the market, small sheets that are placed on broken or darkened or stained teeth, veneers made of ceramic and Compostite veneers.


Thanks to our orthodontic treatment we can correct the position of your teeth, thus improving your own oral functions as well as dental aesthetics. Dentistas Malaga works with the best braces of the moment, such as those of a color similar to teeth, traditional metal or those that can not be appreciated, also known as invisible orthodontics or Invisalign.

*** Remember that we also offer comprehensive and personalized care in Pediatric Dentistry Málaga.

At Dentistas Málaga we are specialists in all types of oral treatments, from dental implants or dental aesthetics, through orthodontics, general dentistry, oral surgery, bruxism or grinding teeth, dental hygiene, endodontics or dental prostheses among other kinds of treatments. And we can not forget about our new Invisalign Málaga treatment so you always have a smile that is more than perfect.

Thanks to our excellent professional team of dentists you will always be in the best hands.

From Clinica Tafur we always bet on the highest quality of each and every one of our services. Your oral health and that of your family could not be better taken care of, since our top priority is the happiness of all our clients. Dental clinics in Malaga and doctors there are many, but none with the level of commitment we have in our facilities.

In Clínica Tafur we give the best facilities so that you can manage without any problems any financing or installments to cover all types of dental treatments you need. We expect our team of professionals with extensive training in dentistry, so we can guarantee success in each and every one of the oral treatments such endodontics, periodontics, dental implants and many more.

At our Malaga Clinic, our only and main objective is to take care of your dental health. We have the best dentists in dentistry who will be happy to help you. Request an appointment now and do not delay it anymore. Your health is at stake.

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