For our oral health, as well as our social life, it is important to take care of our teeth and have a healthy and beautiful appearance. People who suffer of tooth loss, crooked or stained teeth can still achieve a beautiful smile with different kind of cosmetic treatments.

Estética dental en Málaga

Our dentists in Malaga can offer you personalized aesthetic treatments which is suitable to your case. In the following we will introduce you the different options you have to enhance your smile.

Aesthetic dental veneers

Veneers serve to improve the aesthetic of a smile. Its function is to cover teeth which are darkened, stained, separated or mal positioned. A veneer surrounds the entire front part of a tooth which is visible to us. Veneers are as thin as contact lenses, and therefore, it is not noticeable to other if you have veneers placed. A good veneer matches to the shape and color of the surrounded teeth and perfects a smile. There are two different materials of veneers on the market; we offer both in our dental clinic in Malaga.

Estética dental carillas

Composite dental veneers

Veneers which are made of composite material and is a paste which sticks to a dental piece in the shape you wish. It can be adapted to the color of the base denture to achieve a kind of camouflage effect where the veneer is fully integrated in the tooth.

Composite veneers are the cheaper veneer option, as they must be renewed every certain period of time to ensure optimum maintenance.

Ceramic veneers

Ceramic veneers are ceramic sheets that can be adjusted to the shape and color of the teeth. After analyzing your aesthetic, we study the ideal appearance your smile should have by using digital records (or measures) which are taken using 3D technologies from CEREC.

Veneers can me manufactured and cemented in a few hours, and in fact, when they are made of ceramix they are the most aesthetic and durable.

In our Aesthetic dental clinic Malaga we advise you which cosmetic treatment is the best option for your smile and health. You can visit us for a first consultation with no fees, and our dentists will answer all your questions and discuss your case with you.

Zoom Whitening for Dental Aesthetics

For this type of treatment in our Tafur Clinic we offer up to 3 kinds of dental Zoom whitening.

Philips Zoom WhiteSpeed

In our dental clinic in Malaga we offer the worlds’ most advanced and successful whitening system. The Philips Zoom whitening is based on led light which whiten your teeth, by whitening them up to 8 shades in a single clinical session of only 45 minutes. During all the session a professional will supervise the procedure and prepare your gums and teeth for the treatment. Additionally, after the clinical whitening session we will hand you personalized trays in order to continue to whiten and perfect your smile during 7 additional days at home. The innovative whitening system is leader in the USA and brightens up your smile with a guarantee and security offered by PHILIPS.

Philips Zoom DayWhite in Malaga

The Philips Zoom DayWhite is a teeth whitening you do by yourself at home. You will receive instructions to perform the whitening at home by spending 30 minutes a day with personalized trays which we prepare for you in our dental clinic in Malaga.

Philips Zoom NiteWhite

It is a whitening which you perform by yourself at home. You will receive instructions and two personalized trays which you will use for one week every night. The trays our dentists in Malaga will prepare for you.

Blanqueamiento dental estetica

Invisible orthodontics to improve imperfections in Malaga

Another way to improve your smile, is with orthodontics. Invisible orthodontics with see-through trays are an innovative and popular way to correct the positioning of your teeth without that people will notice. Thanks to the transparent aligners, the position of your teeth can be improved in an invisible way. They trays will need to be exchanged every two weeks in order to advance the improvements.

By using invisible orthodontics Malaga, it is very comfortable and easy to maintain and optimal hygiene and dental health as you can always remove the aligners for eating or brushing your teeth. Invisible orthodontics in Malaga are especially of great use for adults, who work facing the public or who simply do not want to wear traditional orthodontics.

Ortodoncia invisible estética dental

Digital Measures Malaga – CEREC

The CEREC system allows a more accurate control of the condition of the teeth through a digital docket that prevents the use of uncomfortable traditional molds. With CEREC, 3D images can be captured which can be edited with the computer to plan the patients’ treatment and be able to compose the final result in order to show the patient the final result of his smile before starting the treatment.


Dental prosthesises are being used if someone has lost one or more teeth, to replace the natural tooth. Tooth losses With a dental prosthesis you can reach a high aesthetic and a optimal and comfortable chewing comfort as they replace missing teeth.

There are different types of dental prostheses in our Dental Aesthetic Clinic.

Periodoncia estética dental


A good proportion between teeth and gums makes a lot of difference in the final result!
Having red, shiny, bleeding or swollen gums are symptoms of periodontal diseases. Is it your case?

We can solve it and the key is to locate the periodontal problem as soon as possible because it is produced by the accumulation of bacterial plaque between the teeth and the gums. This causes the tissues to weaken and causes the teeth to move. As it is a disease that does not present pain, it is not always easy to identify and can even lead to the loss of teeth, but with the periodontics in Malaga </ strong> </ span> you will be in good hands.

With a simple check it is easy to diagnose the problem before it goes to extreme consequences such as tooth loss.

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