This restoration is for patients who have been wearing dentures for a while and therefore have lost the bone that supported the real tooth over time.
At dental clinic Tafur we use the latest technology and advanced dental techniques to find solutions for all of our patients.

A patient without enough bone to place dental implants would have to undergo surgery for a bone graft or a sinus lift before starting treatment for an arch restoration. This would increase the treatment plan by 6 months.

Today, thanks to digital dentistry and advanced surgery techniques we can place 4 dental implants with a fixed provisional denture on the same day of surgery. This technique can be used in both arches.

  • No need of bone graft.
  • 2 of the implants are larger than usual and slightly inclined to increase stability.
  • Prosthesis material made of peek.
  • Fixed provisional teeth available from the day of surgery.
  • Precise and minimally invasive computer guided surgery.
  • Full treatment plan in 3 visits.

Come and meet us

  • Tranfers from and to the airport

  • Accomodation for 2 nights in Málaga

  • 3D scans and implant study

  • Consultation with the specialist

  • Treatment plan and quotation

If you decide to go ahead with your dental treatment with us we will discount it of the total.

More info

Would you like to know more?

All on 4 vs removable denture

More confortable

More resistant

Improved function

Stops bone loss

The latest technology in 3D scans

We can print your provisional fixed teeth the same day of surgery

Why choose us?

The success of every treatment depends on:

Correct diagnosis

Not all the cases are suitable to place an All on 4 solution. We need to do a careful diagnosis with the latest 3D scans and an implant study to verify the treatment options.

Advanced dentistry

Advanced dentistry is minimally invasive and uses techniques that allows us to treat even the most complex cases with high quality results.

Our team

It is important to look at each case by a team that are experts on their own fields so we can diagnose and treat each patient to the best of our habilities.

We can show you a digital design of your smile so you can see if you like the result before we start treatment

Still not sure?

We have dental clinics in two locations in the Costa del Sol: Málaga and Gibraltar.

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