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Bone grafts and sinus lift

In our center we have the means, experience and knowledge necessary to perform complex bone grafts.

More than 10 years of experience in complex bone grafting and regeneration cases

In our center we have the means and the necessary knowledge to perform complex bone grafts. More than ten years of successful treatment of patients from all over the world support our experience. By means of bone and tissue regeneration techniques, we can treat in a predictable way those cases that, due to their complexity, require a previous reconstruction of the bone before the placement of implants.

By applying these techniques we can also solve cases of peri-implantitis (bone loss around implants caused by infection), a problem that affects more than 27% of patients treated with implants. Another very frequent application in regeneration is the treatment of recessions, i.e. cases in which the gum recedes and part of the root of the tooth remains visible.


Treatment steps

In just four steps we can place dental implants thanks to the state-of-the-art technology at Clínica Tafur.


During this appointment of approximately 1 hour and a half, we will make all kinds of 3D images and take digital photographs of your smile and bite.

Let’s prepare your diagnosis and the treatment options you have. We can even show you the designed smile prototype before starting treatment. 

In this session we also explain the different materials used to make your teeth and the waiting times after the breast lift.

Data Collection Clínica Tafur Málaga


The second appointment may be the day after the first and its duration depends on the amount of bone to be placed.

Cirugía dental en Málaga, Clínica Tafur


This appointment should be 3 or 4 months after breast lift to allow time for bone integration. Its duration depends on the number of dental implants to be placed. 

Prior to this appointment, our team analyzed your case and planned the surgery with precision software that allows us to place the implants in an atraumatic manner.

Colocación de implantes dentales Málaga: Procedimiento y cuidados


A few hours after the implant surgery we can place temporary fixed teeth so that you will not be without teeth while the osseointegration process between the dental implants and the bone lasts, they are called “teeth in a day” or “teeth 24h”. 

The fixed teeth are placed approximately 3 months after surgery, but it may vary depending on the case.

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Why trust us?

Specialized dentists

We are dentists in Malaga specialized in Dental Aesthetics, Dental Implants, Orthodontics, and Microscopic Endodontics.

We are Painless

We have numerous types of anesthesia or sedation for the placement of dental implants, in order to numb the pain during surgery.

Teeth in 24 hours

We have the technology to offer you in 90% of the cases fixed provisional teeth after surgery while the dental implants are integrated with the maxillary bone.

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