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Some people produce an involuntary movement of clenching or grinding their teeth, causing them to deteriorate or become more sensitive to cold foods, thus giving rise to bruxism.


There are numerous treatments to correct this problem depending on the severity.

Occlusal splints
  • The splint for bruxism is the most common. It usually occurs when patients have problems chewing so it should be corrected through splints adjusted to the teeth of each patient.
  • Another very valid option is to use Invisalign invisible orthodontics to treat this problem. This can be achieved at the same time any malocclusion that the patient has and that is the origin of bruxism.
  • When the problem is more complex, it will be necessary to perform a surgical intervention to restore the balance of the masticatory system, remove the inflammatory tissue and manipulate the structures. Many people are unaware of the existence of this disease and do not know that they suffer from it, so it is recommended that those who suffer orofacial pain (face, neck, ear, shoulders …) to go to the dentist for a diagnosis.
Can children suffer from it?

Child Bruxism


Bruxism does not exclude children and is known as Infantile Bruxism. There are two different types: centric bruxism and eccentric bruxism, which can occur both in the morning and at night, especially in children. If your son or daughter experiences these disorders, our clinic in Malaga offers pediatric dentistry services. It is common to clench rather than grind teeth in daytime bruxism, while at night both actions occur, particularly in childhood bruxism. Both physical and psychological causes can be at the origin of these disorders, and using a Michigan discharge splint can relieve symptoms.

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In psychological issues, disorders that generate stress and emotional tension are mentioned, such as infantile hyperactivity that can manifest in nervous children with nocturnal bruxism. As for physical factors, headache, headache, ear pain, eruption of permanent teeth and dental misalignment are highlighted as triggers of bruxism in children. In addition, it is pointed out that intestinal parasites can also contribute to restlessness and teeth grinding in children.

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