Do you know what a dental tac is? Or a dental x-ray? Basically it is the same but with different names, and for us dentists, it is an essential tool to be able to work in the best possible way and correct any problem you have in your mouth.

Today, dear reader, we come to talk to you about what a tooth tac is and what it consists of. All its benefits and risks, as well as what information is obtained with it. We show you everything in today’s article on our Tafur Clinic Blog.

Tac dental maquinaria

What is a dental tac?

Advances in the field of technology make it easier for dentists to work. And this is where CT or computed tomography, also known as dental tac, has its place. Basically it is a special X-ray machine, but for our mouth.

Although not normally used, radiation doses are much lower than normal. Thanks to this machine you can get very sharp images of our jaw or our upper jaws in a very short space of time. It uses a special technology with which it is capable of generating these 3-dimensional images.

It is capable of capturing even the soft tissues of our mouth or the bones that are in the cranio-facial area. The main difference that we find between the mandibular Tac and a daily x-ray that is carried out in any Dental Clinic is that with the first procedure it is possible to make a turn of up to 360 degrees around our entire head.


Cómo se hace un tac dental


How do we do it?


The procedure of this type of X-ray is very short, since in less than a minute we will have it performed. It is more than enough time to take the images we need with the minimum radiation for the patient. These images are passed directly to our computer systems.

Thanks to these images, we obtain a large amount of information from the mouth of our patient, both from the jaw completely, and from any kind of disease, the quantity and quality of the bone itself when performing a dental implant or dental treatment. soft tissues found in the mouth, among other information, all in 3 dimensions.

Advantages and disadvantages of a maxillofacial tac


Like any medical procedure, as with any type of medicine, it has its pros and cons, its advantages and disadvantages that we will list below.


Benefits offered by this type of radiography


With just a single scan, it is possible to reproduce a large quantity of images from different angles and views than any other kind of radiography. In addition, it does not generate any type of pain or discomfort in the patient, being the most accurate of all.

And, as we have previously mentioned, it is the one with the least amount of radiation that the person with whom we can place any type of dental implant suffers in an effective and very fast way. We can even detect any other kind of disease in the patient’s mouth thanks to a dental tac.


Associated risks


Although it is the best procedure to obtain an X-ray of the patient’s jaw, it is not without certain risks that you need to be aware of. For example, that there is a very minimal possibility or option of cancer due to radiation, although it is the one with the least exposure without a doubt.


Riesgos al realizar un tac dental

In addition, the benefit that is obtained thanks to a maxillofacial tac is much greater than the possible risks that can be run. Of course, if you are a pregnant woman, this type of x-ray is not suitable for you since there is a certain risk for the baby. If you want to know more about how pregnancy affects the dental health of the mother, you have more information here.

In addition, for the smallest of the house it is not indicated, unless it is expressly necessary. Of course, if necessary, the dental Tac will always be performed with the lowest possible doses.

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