In our dental clinic Malaga we a CEREC machine at our disposal. Our dentists Malaga use the CEREC machine to take measurements of our patients’ bite digitally. In that way, within some seconds our dentists can register the bite of our patient on the computer by using a camera-like scanner.

Once finished, our doctors can study your case on the computer to offer you the best result.

Tratamiento de medidas cerec en malaga


Digital measurements – CEREC

With CEREC – Digital measurements Malaga we can achieve fast advanced and precise results to acquire dental restorations in few appointments as veneers, porcelain crowns, ceramic fillings, etc. The CEREC machine which we acquire facilitates taking impressions of the mouth of our patients as it scans the bite precisely within less than 15 seconds. The bite can later be seen digitally and studied precisely.

In that way, crowns can be designed digitally by the dentist with the exact size and shape to harmonize with the other teeth in the mouth. Hence, the main advantage of CEREC – digital measurements Malaga is that it is possibly to take bite registrations and measurements of the bite of the patients without using silicone or any other paste which take about 20 minutes and are uncomfortable for the patient as the silicone needs to dry in its mouth prior to take it out.


Medidas cerec con prótesis dentales

With CEREC it is possible to take measurements and to study cases in an easy, simple and fast way. Prosthesis, crowns and veneers elaborated with CEREC, fit perfectly to the denture of the patient. Apart of that, CEREC is part of the CAD/CAM technology. There are many advantages which this system offers when we apply it to our treatments. The benefits are:

  • Allows to manufacture crowns, veneers and ceramix fillings in only one session, resulting in reducing the appointment time and number of visits
  • All the procedure is guided by a computer, which allows a high precision while studying, manufacturing and placing the dental piece
  • As a modern system which uses 3D images, it allows the dentists Malaga to take easily measurements without using paste
  • It is possible to see the case of the patient on the screen which makes it easier for the dentist Malaga to explain and for the patient to understand how the prosthesis will look as the result can be created digitally prior finishing the treatment.

With the digital measurements of CEREC in our dental clinic Malaga Tafur we can resolve your tooth gap in a very simple way.