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What are they?

CEREC aesthetic veneers are restorations in feldspar ceramic, hybrid ceramic or lithium disilicate using CAD / CAM technology. The procedure consists in preparing the dental part by means of its devastation, then cementing a sheet with the final shape of the tooth. After the preparation of the dental piece,  a recording is made using an intra-oral scanner,  the veneers are designed using software dental design  and proceed to fabrication using a milling machine.  The milling machine operates automatically the sculpture of a block of the selected material.

Once the veneers are made, they test the prepared teeth to check the fit, aesthetics and bite. If everything works according to plan, it is cemented using cosmetic resin cements. this procedure usually takes a long time due to the precision required by the procedure.

Is the result natural?


We know that the “aesthetic” ideal varies according to socio-cultural aspects or the person himself. What may be beautiful for some is not so beautiful for others. It is possible to obtain very natural results thanks to the excellent properties of the material used.


Can they fall off?
Can they lose their color?
Do I have to follow a regular maintenance?
What is the guarantee of treatment?

Are they for life?

Although they are the best solution when indicated, we cannot say that all dental treatment is for life, because the materials used will be subject to forces and functional chewing habits such as bruxism (clenching or grinding of teeth). ) which will cause their wear with the passage of the years. In this case, and in order to increase its durability, the use of a splint is recommended resin discharge during sleep.



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