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This type of anesthesia is used for complete rehabilitations of one or both arches. The patient's medical history must be known beforehand in order to inform the anesthesiologist of the pertinent care.

Relaxation with nitrous oxide

This type of anesthesia leaves the patient in a relaxed state. Previous medical pathologies must be taken into account. It is used for endodontic treatments or fillings, single implants or in nervous patients. 

This technique involves the inhalation of a mixture of nitrous oxide and oxygen through a nasal mask, which induces a feeling of relaxation and euphoria, without reaching a state of unconsciousness.

Can I request conscious sedation for any treatment?
  • We recommend the use of nitrous oxide for minor treatments. Conscious sedation has an added cost of 600 euros in the treatment. The procedure requires a team of anesthesiologists who will have you monitored throughout the process, unlike nitrous oxide sedation must be intravenous.
  • We recommend it.
  • Its effect is sedative, leaving the patient completely calm and allowing him to collaborate by opening his mouth during the process.

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We have numerous types of anesthesia or sedation for the placement of dental implants, in order to numb the pain during surgery.

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We have the technology to offer you in 90% of the cases fixed provisional teeth after surgery while the dental implants are integrated with the maxillary bone.

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