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First consultation in clinic Tafur. New patient



Finance plan

Full diagnosis

The most important thing in dental treatment is diagnosis. For this reason, your first visit takes 1 hour and a half. During this appointment you will go through the hygiene and prevention cabinet and the specialist doctor in your case.

Why are we different?


At Clinic Tafur we believe in early stage diagnosis, prevention and conservative dentistry. We differentiate ourselves because we are an integral part of your oral health. Thanks to technology we can be more precise in diagnosis and anticipate possible conditions.

Steps of the first consultation

CBCT Scans

Intraoral Scans

Periodontal Chart

Diagnosis with specialist doctor

  • Taking bitewing radiographs for interproximal caries control. Duration of approximately 15 mins.
  • Intraoral scanning with Trios to control recessions, dental crowding, partial or total destruction of dental pieces and / or dental absences. Thanks to this sc an we can show you your teeth in 3D. Approximate duration of 15 mins.
  • If it shows signs of periodontal disease, a periodontogram will be performed. Duration of approximately 30 minutes.
  • Carrying out oral hygiene lasting approximately 40 minutes.
  • Assessment with the dentist and treatment plan. Recommendations.
  • Questions and answers, quotation and finance plan.

The first consultation as a new patient costs 60 euros


What is the aim of a dental cleaning at clinic Tafur?
Dental cleaning aims to eliminate tartar and plaque, since it calcifies and hardens, making the gums and teeth sick.

It is performed with an ultrasound system, adjusting the intensity and adjusting it to each patient. We also use pressure bicarbonate, polishing paste and dental floss. And to finish we give correct brushing instructions as well as some recommendations on what type of toothpaste, toothbrush and mouthwash are the most appropriate for the patient.

Se realiza con un sistema de ultrasonido graduando la intensidad y ajustándolo a cada paciente. Utilizamos también bicarbonato a presión, pasta de pulido e hilo dental. Y para terminar damos instrucciones de cepillado correcto así como algunas  recomendaciones sobre que tipo de pasta de dientes, cepillo dental y enjuague bucal son los más apropiados para el paciente.

Does it hurt?
On the day of my dental cleaning, will I know if I have cavities or if I need any dental treatment?
How often do I have to take a dental cleaning?
What is periodontal disease ?
What are the interdental brushes?

Benefits of dental hygiene


  • Elimina la placa dental incluso en las zonas donde no llega el cepillo
  • Atenúa algunas manchas en los dientes.
  • Previene enfermedades de encía tales como la  gingivitis y la periodontitis
  • Detección de caries en primeros estadíos.


Clinic hours

Monday to Friday from 8am until 10pm

Closed Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays

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