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To restore armony, beauty and balance to the patient's smile, we use a number of dental esthetic techniques.
Types of dental esthetics


If you are looking for cosmetic dentistry in Malaga, you are looking to improve the color, position, shape, size, alignment and overall appearance of your smile. In Tafur Clinic we look at each case holistically, we analyze as a whole and from a global perspective each case to restore the patient’s smile. We are specialists in Dental Aesthetics in Malaga, treatments ranging from the restoration of missing teeth with dental implants to teeth whitening or the use of dental veneers.


The technological advances that we continue to make in Tafur Clinic allow us to perform aesthetic treatments in fewer visits, but the duration will depend on the treatment plan we decide to do.

  • They help us to cover teeth that have darkened and to correct breaks, stains, tooth decay, etc. They surround the entire tooth and are as thin as a contact lens.
  • FIRSTFIT technology is a technique of planning and guided digital preparation for veneers that allows the reshaping and placement of veneers in a single appointment, without the need for temporaries.  
  • It is a new minimally invasive concept, carried out by means of a digitalized procedure in which, based on impressions of the patient and a protocol of photographs, the dental preparation will be defined and the design of the veneers will be carried out.  
  • This digital technology gives rise to the preparation guided by splints, obtaining greater precision and time reduction, avoiding excessive carving and placement of temporaries.
  • In Tafur Clinic we know that looking good means a lot to you and that a healthy and beautiful smile not only provides security but also conveys a good image.
  • We are specialists in dental esthetics and we have at your disposal experienced dentists, the most advanced design technology, high quality materials and excellent guarantees.
  • In Tafur Clinic we offer 2 types of teeth whitening, with laser or gel applicator. We can give you back up to 8 shades whiter. Each case is previously analyzed to ensure that the treatment is safe and that the teeth do not end up so white that they look unnatural.
  • When there is dysfunction in any dental piece, a “cap” is placed over the patient’s tooth with a cementing technique. These types of dental prostheses can be made of composite, metal-ceramic, peek or zirconium. Crowns are also used to cement dental bridges.
  • It involves removing excess tissue and contouring the gums while keeping the gingival tissue attached to the gum. This technique solves many esthetic problems that affect the shape of the tooth.
  • To repair a tooth fractionated, decayed or that has lost color we apply a resin composed of the color of the teeth to repair the functionality and aesthetics of the tooth.

Specialized techniques

At Tafur Clinic we are committed to technological advances and continuous training in the world of dentistry. 


To restore the complete smile with dental veneers we have a novel technique of preparation and cementation designed by computer that allows us to place up to 20 veneers in a single hour!


This system has a camera that allows a scan of the mouth to perform the study of it. The part is then designed to suit your needs. Once you have the digital mold, you move to the restoration milling with the high precision that offers
Before and after

Trust us and see the results

At Tafur Clinics we have the best professionals. Your mouth will be in good hands and in a very short time you will find a clear improvement to your dental problems. The photographs of these patients show the results. What are you waiting for to improve your health?

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