Dental fillings, the best way to take care of them


Practically all adolescents and adults has a dental filling due to  dental caries. Today we come to talk to you about fillings that, over time, lose color. But not only that, they also tend to wear out since they are exposed to all kinds of abrasions simply by eating.

All this makes it essential that you go to your Dental Clinic to undergo a review and see the status of your dental fillings. We tell you in today’s article everything you need to know to preserve your fillings in the best possible way.

Empastes dentales que son


Why do dental fillings wear down


As you may well know, the remains of food that remain in the mouth are always a focus of bacteria of all kinds. For all these reasons, good dental hygiene is essential. And it is that these remains usually accumulate in any crack or fissure they find in a filling, subsequently giving rise to the appearance of dental caries.

This cavity, despite being just below the filling, continues to grow. In addition, it may not cause any discomfort until the caries has spread through the affected tooth. For all these reasons, it is essential to undergo periodic reviews and, if necessary, replace it with a new dental filling.

The different states of every filling


Depending on the state in which the aforementioned filling is, we can find up to 3 different types such as those described below.

Empastes dentales agrietados


Cracked tooth filling


A cracked filling occurs when it is higher than the tooth where it is placed. For all this, it undergoes much more pressure than normal in the bite, which causes it to crack over time. This happens both with the so-called amalgams of silver material and with the fillings known as Composite.


Fillings that fall


A filling can become completely detached from the tooth for 2 clear reasons:

If saliva is interposed between what is the dental piece and the restoration itself just at the moment the filling is placed. This will make the material the dentist uses not work as it should, resulting in the filling completely peeling off and falling off.

Due to the fact that the material that has been used to make the dental filling is not able to withstand the force and pressure that is exerted on it, so it eventually falls off.


Completely worn dental filling


In certain cases, the filling must be replaced after the passage of 5 years, although there are also other cases in which the dental filling can last up to 15 years. It will be your Dentist who knows best to assess whether or not to replace said filling in one of your periodic check-ups.

Empastes dentales y bruxismo


Relationship between bruxism and fillings


Those people who suffer from bruxism are at greater risk of losing their fillings. All this is due to the grinding of the teeth, thus exerting much more force and abrasion on the filling, with which the wear is much greater, even breaking or falling completely.


The best way to take care of them


As we have previously commented, a filling must last between 5, 10 or 15 years, always depending on each patient. The best way to keep dental fillings in good condition is to go regularly to your Dental Clinic for supervision.

There are a series of symptoms for which it may be necessary to go before, among which we can highlight:

Notice or see that the filling has broken or cracked for some reason
Having greater sensitivity to the teeth

Apart from these regular visits, it is essential to maintain good dental hygiene, brushing your teeth at least 3 times daily, as well as the use of dental floss or mouthwash. Another very valid option is the use of night splints in the event that the fillings tend to crack.

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