In Clinica Tafur we provide the newest technologies for the placement of dental implants. Therefore, we offer all possibilities which exist to practice oral surgeries and implantology, so that we can solve any kind of problem you might have.

Implantes dentales en Málaga

What you should know about dental implants

A dental implant is a type of screw made of titanium which is necessary to fill a gap between the teeth or to replace an unhealthy tooth. They provide you with a good bite, and give you the chewing comfort you acquire with natural healthy teeth. A dental implant is placed in the bone of the jaw during a small surgery. The implant has the same function as a root of a tooth, and is impossible to see once placed. Over the implant a crown will be placed, which is later visible and helps us to have a high biting comfort.

In the case that a patient does not have enough bone to guarantee a stability for the implant after its placement, a bone regeneration needs to be conducted prior the placement of the dental implant.

Dental implants and crowns in one day

Another term for dental implants in one day is immediate loading. This strategy of placing implants is intended for patients who do not wish to have a prosthesis attached during the healing time after the implant placement. Traditionally, after the placement of the dental implant, a removable prosthesis will be attached to the gap to cover it. After the healing time of approx. 3 months, the crown will be placed. With the immediate loading technique, the crown or fixed temporary prosthesis can be placed immediately after the surgery.

Implantes dentales en 1 día

Zygomatic implants

In certain occasions, where a patient has lost the bone which is vital for the placement of an implant, our doctors in Clinica Tafur in Malaga can offer them a solution: Zygomatic implants. In this procedure, sinus lifts and bone graftings are being avoided, and instead a specific type of dental implant is placed in the anterior area of the jaw and two zygomatic implants are being placed in a more anterior position.

Computer guided implants

Thanks to technological advances, we can carry out a virtual planning of the implant placement which shows us how the implants would remain once placed. Additionally, our medical team will have information on how and where to place the dental implant(s) with complete accuracy.

Prosthetics made with CAD / CAM technology

CAD (Computer Aided Design) technology is one of the most innovative techniques that permit us to reproduce digitally the mouth of the patient in three dimensions. Once the mouth had been scanned, our implantologist proceeds to design the aesthetic part on the computer which will later be passed on for the manufacture. The high precision provided by this efficient technology is directly proportional to the success of our interventions.

Tipos de implantes dentales

Types of Dental Implants

The dental implants we use in our dental clinic in Malaga are the best option for all those people who have suffered the loss of one or several dental pieces. However, there are different kinds of dental implants and their placement.

Unit implant

The unit implant is with no doubt the simplest dental implant which replaced a gap of one single tooth. Its placement will allow you to perform perfectly masticatory functions.

Dental implants of two or more teeth

At Clinica Tafur in Malaga we study each case individually to achieve the optimal implant solution for our patients. It is not necessary to place an implant for each missing dental piece. For example, if three missing teeth are lost and they are placed one next to another, it is possible to place two implants and place three crowns with a bridge.

Two implants with dental implant locators

Two implants with a locator offer the ideal support in dentures. It is possible to increase the retention of your dentures by placing only two attachments to which two retainers are attached. A clip system with locators, will allow you to speak and chew with more safety and comfort. And it is only necessary to place two implants.

Oral Rehabilitation in Implantology

In the case that you have lost many teeth, we will study and examine if we can perform a general oral rehabilitation. This can refer only to the upper jaw, lower jaw, or both. There are different options to perform oral rehabilitations:

All on Four

The revolutionary technique of All on Four allows placing all the dental pieces with a fixed denture by only placing four dental implants. This treatment can mostly be done completely in one day.

Boneless dental implants

Sometimes the age of the patient, the state of the oral health, or other situations lead to bone loss which makes the placement of implants more complicated. However, our doctors can solve this problem by placing implants in a boneless gingiva with a special technique. These kinds of implants are called juxtaosse implants.

Impantes dentales en Málaga sin hueso

How much time does a dental implant last?

Dental implants mostly last for 20 years or more, depending always on the care and dental hygiene the patient performs after the implant placement. Therefore, it is vital to visit the dentist regularly to monitor the condition of the implants and ensure the patient that he is taking care correctly of his oral health.

Remember that an implant accomplishes the proper function that a tooth has. But even though a dental implant is artificial, it also requires care to prevent the formation of bacterial plaque which minimized the implants’ stability as it results in bone loss and infections. By taking care of your dental implants, you can enjoy of all its benefits for a long time, avoiding complications and risks.

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