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Dental treatments Malaga

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In our dental clinic in Malaga we offer the newest and most advanced dental services in order to provide you with a beautiful and healthy smile. We exercise dental implant treatments of all kinds, and offer our patients the placement of dental implants and crowns in one day. Besides, we offer all kinds of oral surgery treatments, as well as revolutionary dental aesthetic treatments.


Thanks to our orthodontic treatment you will be able to correct any type of bad dental position, which will improve your aesthetics as well as other kinds of oral functions. In addition, you will not have to worry about your physical appearance, since we use invisible orthodontics. You also have at your disposal treatments such as biannual dental hygiene, sports or general dentistry.

Meet our Pediatric Dentistry focused on the oral health of the smallest of the house, a very important aspect to consider. And not only that, but we also offer our clients other kinds of treatments in our Malaga dental clinic such as Malaga periodontics, prosthodontics in case you need a dental prosthesis for the loss of one or several teeth or our Cerec or measures digital, thanks to which we can restore any dental aspect, whether ceramic fillings, porcelain covers, veneers, etc.

We also have treatments against the grinding of the teeth or Bruxism, a habit that certain people suffer from grinding their teeth unconsciously, especially when they sleep and also known as nocturnal bruxism. But if you suffer from Bruxism, do not worry because in our Malaga Dental Clinic we can solve it with the use of a dental discharge splint, which is really comfortable to carry and clean.

You will only have to wear it during the night and from the first day you will see more than spectacular changes.
Another of the oral treatments that we are proud of are root canals, commonly known as killing the nerve of the tooth or tooth.

We have one of the best dentists experts in endodontics and the best equipment in the market to always offer the best treatment according to the needs of each patient. Thus, it is the case of the thermoplastic filling that allows us to improve and very much the proper sealing of the root canal once we have been able to remove the affected nerve or also the rotary endodontics, whose technique helps us to be able to eliminate the affected nerve in less time.

All our treatments in oral surgery are without a doubt the best solution to the vast majority of problems in the mouth, so you can save future problems even greater.

Come and visit our Dental Clinic in Malaga where we offer each and every one of our patients the best diagnoses, combined with innovative treatments at a really competitive price. You will find a young but excellently qualified team in continuous training that have a single purpose, to offer the best service to all our customers.

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