DIVA implants

Dynamic. Intelligent. Safe

Minimally invasive

In less appointments

What are they?

These are implants for boneless patients  that allow to place the implant lift   the maxillary sinus  in one go. The surgery is atraumatic because the bone material is injected through the implant and it is not necessary to open a side window to access the sinus as indicated by the traditional way.

Atraumatic technique with a high success rate

Ultra clean surface technology

Treatment Steps


Data collection Tafur

During this meeting of about 1 hour and a half, we take a set of 3D images and take digital photos of your smile and your bite. We prepare your diagnosis and the treatment options you are having done. We can even show you the designed smile prototype before you start treatment. In this session, we also explain the different materials used to make teeth.

Implant surgery

This appointment can be made the day after data collection. Its duration depends on the number of dental implants to be placed. Before this appointment, our team will have analyzed your case and planned the surgery with precision software that allows us to place the implants atraumatically.


Teeth placement

A few hours after implant surgery, we can place fixed temporary teeth so that you do not miss teeth during the entire process of osseointegration between dental implants and bone, they are called “teeth in a day” or “24h teeth”. The fixed teeth are placed about 3 months after surgery, but may vary from case to case.




Clinic Hours

Monday to Friday from 8am until 10pm

Closed Saturdays and Sundays