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Endodontics is the part of dentistry which treats the nerve of the tooth and its clearance, which is more known as root canal. In this page, we will tell you everything what you should know about endodontic procedures and how it is done. This treatment is only being performed when the dental nerve is in a bad state which can occur due to a profound cavity or a fracture after an injury.

Que es una endodoncia y cómo se realiza

Endodontics step by step

In our center of advanced oral implantology Malaga in our dental clinic Malaga Tafur we have a specialized doctor who performs this kind of treatment by using the most advanced technologies. Endodontics outline the use of rotating endodontic and thermoplastic filling which allows improving the sealing of the root canal once the sick nerve has been removed.

A root canal is improving the oral health of the patient as well as saves a tooth from not being extracted. A root canal Malaga often includes large fillings which are very profound or simply occur due to a trauma of the tooth by an injury. Besides, with a root canal Malaga we can we can diminish hypersensitivity of the teeth towards cold and warm.

In order that the patient does not feel any discomfort or pain during the treatment, the dentist Malaga places local anesthesia prior starting the treatment. During a root canal Malaga all the surrounding teeth are being covered so that the affected tooth can kept clean during all the endodontic process. In the vast majority of cases, once a tooth had been treated with a root canal, the pain does not return anymore.

Proceso de endodoncia

Types of endodontic treatments

Rotatory root canal Malaga

The rotatory root canal is a tool which allows to combine manual instruments with mechanic ones. It has some special files, manufactured in nickel-titanium which are flexible. They adapt to the shapes of the teeth and are driven by a little motor which improves the quality of the treatment.

With this technique, the nerve can be removed in the fastest way, enabling a better sealing of the tooth. As the root canal Malaga treatment is faster than other ones, it is also perceived as much more comfortable for the patient and improves the results of traditional root canal techniques.

Thermoplastic filling

In order to know how a root canal is being performed, it is important to know that the thermoplastic filling is refilling the root channel in a tridimensional way after the nerve has been killed.

For this, we use a technique with a liquid materials which facilitates its insertion. In our dental clinic Malaga Tafur we always aim for the most comfortable treatments for our patients.

Tratamiento de endodoncia en malaga

Pain after a root canal

Previously we commented that root canals rarely present pain after its implementation, however, it is common that shortly after the treatment the patient feels pain in the area of the treated tooth. This pain should reduce and disappear after 3-4 days, as well as the hypersensitivity.