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We treat the nerve of the tooth by removing it, commonly known as nerve killing. Thanks to the use of the microscope the loss of tooth material is minimal.

What can I do if I have dental pain?

The endodontic tooth is more fragile because it is hollow inside, so you should be careful when chewing avoiding taking very hard foods, as the part could fracture. A fracture can cause the impossibility of being repaired and may involve having to remove the tooth.

After doing the root canal, it hurts when I chew...
  • After removal of the nerve there is a small inflammation in the bone surrounding the tooth. For this reason, you may be bothered with chewing for a few days. If this happens, you can take a painkiller to ease the pain. 
  • Sometimes bacteria that contaminate the nerve are very resistant to disinfectants used during endodontics. In some cases, the infection may become more severe, causing inflammation in the gum or cheek. If this happens, contact our clinic as soon as possible so we can tell you what guidelines to follow.
  • To access the nerve of the tooth, a small hole is made in the center of the tooth. After the endodontic session ends, this hole is filled with a temporary filling. Sometimes, because it is a temporary material, it can come off after chewing. If this happens to you, contact our clinic.
  • After an extraction there are different ways to replace a tooth. The most recommended are the implants that are responsible for replacing a tooth, the implant will act as a root and a single tooth will be placed on top. Dental implants for incisor teeth are different from those used in the rest of the mouth.
Our specialized endodontist Dr. José Barrientos during home confinement.

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We have numerous types of anesthesia or sedation for the placement of dental implants, with the aim of desensitizing pain during surgery.

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We have the technology to provide you with 90% of temporary fixed teeth after surgery while integrating dental implants with the jawbone.

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