FirstFit Veneers

No need for provisionals

Placement in just 1 hour

Ultra thin

What is it?

The FIRSTFIT technology is a digital guided preparation and planning technique for veneers which enables the reshape and the placement of the veneers in a single appointment without temporaries needed.

It is a new minimally invasive concept, conducted through a digital process in which, from the patient teeth impressions and a photographic protocol, we define the design of the veneers and the dental preparation.

This digital technology enables the guided preparation of the tray, getting best precision and time reduced, avoiding multiple cuttings and placement of temporary teeth.These are ultra thin veneers that’s is why they are minimally invasive, the prep is reduced, similar to the Lumineers.

Treatment steps


 Appointment 1


  • Digital photographs of the full face and the smile are taken next, altogether with videos to capture the dynamic smile of the patient. All these data will be used for the design of the smile according to the functional and esthetic needs.
  • Protocol“Tafur Data Collection” which consists in taking silicon impressions, 3D scans CBCT (intraoral) and 3Shape (extraoral).
  • The design of the smile  is conducted and the tray are sent to the lab for the making of the veneers. 


Appointment 2


  • On the second appointment with the patient is set up for the immediate placement of all the veneers at the same time thanks to the placement tray. This procedure is fast, efficient and safe.

Benefits over other types of veneers

  • Minimally invasive: the veneers are ultrathin and the carving is minimum, there is no need for temporary veneers which is more convenient and faster for the patient.


  • Maximum precision: the FirstFit protocol is totally digitised,as a consequence, the design of the smile comes out perfect.
  • Faster: after the design of the smile and the protocol data collection Tafur, the placement and the reshape of the veneers is carried out on the same day.

Frequent Questions

What type of veneer are they?
What happens if I break I have to place them all again?
How much does it cost?
Should I follow a regular maintenance?
What is the guarantee of the treatment?


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