General Dentistry

General dentistry is the specialization which integrates and coordinates the different specialities which exist in dentistry. To have a beautiful and healthy smile, the vast majority of people needs to visit a general dentist Malaga. General dentistry includes common dental treatments as fillings and the treatment of cavities.

In our dental clinic in Malaga we have a team of professional dentists who perform general dentistry treatments for children and adults.

Preventive dentistry

The preventive dentistry consists of the diagnosis and prevention of oral illnesses.

For this reason, we teach our patients the correct ways of oral hygiene to control their bacterial plaque. Besides, a healthy eating habit and healthy life balance in general (restriction of the consumption of tobacco or alcohol) helps to prevent dental cavities and gum infections (pyorrhea)

To prevent children of developing dental cavities, our dentists Malaga seal their molars. For this treatment, a special paste will be placed over the definitive molars which have a function to protect the molars from producing cavities due to the development of bacteria.

As a matter of fact, preventive dentistry can mainly avoid malocclusion (biting problems due to bad biting of dentures) by commencing on time an orthodontic treatment with removable orthodontic devices.


Halitosis mainly emerges due to a lack of oral hygiene, consumption of drugs, alcohol or tobacco, dental prosthetics or some illnesses. By treating halitosis, the aim is to reduce the number of bacteria in the mouth and to stop its development. The accumulation of bacteria in the mouth causes a bad breath, bad smell and a bad taste in the mouth.

It is important to treat the halitosis as it mainly affects us in our social life and working area, as well as our self-esteem. In our dental clinic Malaga our team of dentists Malaga knows how to treat the halitosis, and how to improve our patients well-being although it can be a delicate and uncomfortable topic.

Did you know that in Dental Clinic Tafur Malaga we are specialized in the dollowing treatments?