Some people produce an involuntary movement of squeezing or grinding their teeth, causing them to deteriorate or become more sensitive to cold food or beverages, thus giving rise to Bruxism. It is usually related to stress or anxiety, and involves headaches or muscle contractures caused by the pressure put onto the teeth while grinding. The main problem of bruxism is that the affected ones usually do it at night while sleeping, and therefore it is more difficult for them to control it or even know that they are doing it.

Empastes dentales y bruxismo

However, uncontrolled teeth grinding can be solved with to a dental discharge splint or mouth guard which the patient can use over night while sleeping. The guard is very comfortable for the ones who use it, as it is adjusted to their mouth and bite.

It is easy to remove and easy to clean. The splint is a transparent plastic device, fully customized to fit perfectly on the dental arch of the patient. And in our dental clinic Malaga Tafur we can even customize your mouth guard for you with a pattern a picture you like.

This discharge splint is usually placed at night to avoid contact between the upper and lower teeth. Yet, patients can also use it during the day, especially while working on a computer or by doing anything else which produces them to grind their teeth. Since the first day after using the mouth guard, patient notice a big change as their muscles is more relaxed and they do not feel head or ear ache, or pain in the jaw.

The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) syndrome

TMJ is the joint of the upper and lower jaw that is in front of the ear on each side of the head. It allows us to chew and talk, and to move both jaws. However, there are people who suffer from certain limitations when opening their mouths, as they feel pain or their jaws clash or clicks when opening or closing their mouth or tightening their teeth. These are the most frequent symptoms of TMJ pathologies which can generally be classified generally in two:

  • muscle disorders or temporomandibular myopathies
  • joint disorders or temporomandibular artipopathies

These problems usually occur due to birth defects, trauma or bad habits in mastication. Although it can also arise due to the attrition of the teeth, cartilage or the bones of the joint. To diagnose the reason and cause of teeth grinding on a patient, it is necessary to study the case of the patient thoroughly.

Our dental clinic Malaga Tafur has a multidisciplinary team which can recommend you the treatment you need, after studying the pathology.

Tratamiento contra el bruxismo

Treatment for grinding teeth

If the patient grinds his teeth causing slight harms, the problem could be solved with a series of advices of a dentist Malaga that you can carry out by yourself. The doctor can help you to prevent and treat bruxism.

Occlusal splints

The splint for bruxism is the most common occlusal splint which we use. Usually we offer the occlusal splint when patients have chewing problems so it could be corrected with splints which are adjusted to the teeth of each patient.


When the problem is more complex, it will be necessary to perform a surgical intervention that restores the balance of the masticatory system through oral surgery treatment. Many people are unaware of the existence of this disease and do not know that they suffer from it, that is why it is recommended to those who suffer orofacial pain (face, neck, ear, shoulders …) that they visit the dentist Malaga for a diagnosis.

Another option is to use Invisalign Malaga tays -invisible orthodontics to treat this problem. With the invisible trays which the patient needs to change every two weeks, the malocclusion which was caused by bruxism can be improved by aligning the teeth. Furthermore,  orthodontic treatments Malaga in general, can also help to improve the problem.

In our dental clinic in Malaga we can inform you if you suffer from bruxism and what is the best treatment for you. You can ask in your next appointment one of our dentists Malaga about any questions you have about bruxism.

Bruxismo infantil

Infant bruxism

No one is safe from bruxism, not even the youngest ones. There are 2 types of bruxism, centric bruxism and eccentric bruxism. Both can appear indistinctly in the morning or during the night, especially for children.If your child has some kind of these disorders, come to our clinic and ask our Pediatric Dentist Malaga.

Moreover, children rather tighten their teeth during the day, while they additionally grind them at night while sleeping. The origin of infant bruxism is due to both physical and psychological causes, such as the following.

Causas del bruxismo en niños

When we talk about psychological issues, we refer to alterations or disorders that can lead to stress or an increase in emotional tension. For example, the hyperactivity in children or that children are more nervous during the day and do not stop doing things. But when the night comes, that hyperactivity continues by clenching the teeth and grinding the teeth.

Regarding physical factors, we can notice headache, headache or pain in the ears as a result of bruxism. Also when the new teeth start replacing the milk teeth, we can observe bruxism as the new teeth have a different shape to the oral structure. Also an incorrect position of the dental pieces can interfere and bother the child while closing and opening the mouth.

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