The health of the mouth implies having healthy gums. The gums can suffer from a variety of conditions, the most common are gingivitis and periodontitis. In adults over 35, only 10-15% have healthy gums, while 50-60% have gingivitis and 25-28% have periodontitis. Gingivitis is defined as inflammation of the gums and is characterized by bleeding during brushing or without any reason. Periodontitis is an evolved condition of gingivitis, in which there is partial or total bone loss. One of the consequences of these periodontal pathologies may be the first sign of gingival recessions, both conditions unwanted due to their aesthetic appearance and for the increase in dental sensitivity.


In the present case, a young patient suffered from a gum recession in a lower incisor tooth, which was treated in our office by means of a gum graft taken from the patient’s own mucosa. You can see the very satisfactory result in the short and long term as a result of the treatment performed.

Initial situation where we can see gum recession

Gum graft after 6 months

Gum graft after 2 years

In the second case we can see the final result of a severe recession in a superior canine

Initial situation where we can see a severe recession

Result after the gum graft

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