How is the teeth whitening done?

How is the teeth whitening done?


Smile is our letter of introduction, white teeth and care no longer just reflect good oral health, they also give us security by improving our self-esteem, they help us financially, demonstrating greater ease in find work and ultimately improve our quality of life.

Previously, the dentist was used almost exclusively for an emergency such as pain or phlegmon, now thanks to advances in dentistry, it is calculated that almost 50% of individuals go to the dentist to improve their aesthetics.

The truth is that, to a large extent, shiny and healthy teeth also depend on genetic problems.

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With age, the teeth naturally darken because the shade is determined by the color of the dentin, and it darkens because as the enamel ages, it becomes more translucent and reflects the tone we really have inside. However, the main causes are due to the frequent consumption of foods with coloring properties such as coffee, tea, wine, carbonated drinks, etc. Smoking is also included in the category of factors that darken the tooth, as well as poor oral hygiene.

In addition, another factor inducing dental darkening is the consumption of tetracyclines, these antibiotics causing dental discoloration. In the latter case, teeth whitening is not as effective.

Either way, the dentist is responsible for identifying where the dental darkening is coming from and recommending the most appropriate treatment for each case.

There are three types of treatments:


  1. Teeth whitening in the clinic: The dentist applies a high intensity whitening substance (hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide) which causes the release of oxygen, it is activated by halogen light and produces an oxidation of organic matter dental by changing the pigmented (colored) part into a colorless phase. These are 15 minute sessions and can go up to four sessions, depending on the sensitivity of the patient, the usual is three.


It is one of the most used techniques in dentistry and dental esthetics because it allows to obtain excellent results.

Beneficios del blanqueamiento dental

  1. Teeth whitening at home: This treatment is generally complementary to the previous one. It consists in the manufacture of a custom-made tray, to which is applied a whitening gel of low intensity (10% -18% of carbamide peroxide), which the patient must wear at night. Ideally, any autonomous treatment should be supervised by specialized dentists.
  1. Mixed teeth whitening: it consists of a combination of the previous two.

Teeth whitening, according to specialists, does not weaken the enamel, it can only cause sensitivity in the teeth and gums, but it regenerates without leaving a trace once the treatment is complete and it does not occur in all cases.

Teeth whitening lasts between three and five years, depending on the patient’s personal care in terms of cleaning and feeding. It is recommended that you use whitening toothpaste three times a day, floss, restrict food coloring and go to the dentist once every six months.

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