How to look after your dental implants



Today we are here to talk to you about the best care for your dental implants in Malaga and ensure they last a long time. As you may well know, thanks to these implants we can perfectly replace those dental pieces that the patient has lost due to different reasons. Because of this, we can improve your dental health.

So if you have any dental implant or are going to need one, you will find the following information to be of great use. In addition, you can also find more details about dental implantology on our website.

At Clínica Tafur de Málaga we always advise each and every one of our patients on  how to take care of their dental health at home. And when we talk about implants, it could not be otherwise. The following is a list of things to do to keep them in their best condition.

Cuidados de implantes dentales y tabaco


Do not smoke


If you are a smoker you should bear in mind that it can complicate, in many cases, your implants. As you are well aware, tobacco does not bring any kind of benefit to your health and even less for your teeth.

Not surprisingly, the chemicals in tobacco, as well as the smoke itself, can inflame the wound produced when placing the implant. So you know now, it is a good time to quit smoking!

Lead a healthy life


Especially when it comes to food. If recently you have had an implant surgery, the best thing to do is to go on a cold food diet only. Never eat in the affected area after the procedure at the Dental Clinic, wait at least a couple of hours.

Avoid performing sports or physical efforts when you can.

Like any procedure, it is normal that during the first days it can bleed, so a gauze is used to stop this excess blood in the best way. We recommend as much rest as possible. When you go to bed, keep your head higher than the rest of the body.

If you see that the affected area is inflamed you can use a cold compress and place it on the area so that the swelling subsides.

Cuidados implantes dentales cepillado


Do not brush your teeth after dental treatment.

It is important that you do not brush or rinse your mouth 24 hours after the dental implant is placed. On the following day, you will be able to perform your dental care as usual, but always carefully and smoothly.


Don´t miss your check ups!

Your dentist will refer you for regular check-ups to ensure that the dental implant is in perfect condition. So do not miss any visits and your teeth will thank you!



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