Immediat dental implant loading and porcelain veneers

Immediat dental implant loading and porcelain veneers


In certain situations, the placement of dental implants is a real challenge for the Implantologist. The following case is one of those situations, especially complex due to several reasons:


  • The patient shows the gum when he smiles.
  • The right upper central tooth (blue arrow) presents an abscess (or infection) at its root that has caused bone loss and a change in the coloration of the piece.
  • A wrong technique or poor healing of the gums can cause gum retraction, damaging the aesthetics of the implant and  teeth next to.


In this case, the patient requires removing the damaged part and placing an implant to support a new part. Using advanced implant surgery techniques, it has been possible to reproduce an ideal aesthetics of the implant placed (blue arrow). In addition, to improve the aesthetics of his smile, the porcelain veneer that the patient had for years in the left central incisor has been replaced by a new veneer made with 3D technology (red arrow). The health of the gums around the implant and tooth are a sign of proper integration of the implant and the veneer.


 width= Smile after treatment width= Gum apprearance before the treatment

Smile after treatment width= Gum appearance after treatment width= 1) X-ray of the osseointegrated implant

2) X-ray showing bone loss

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