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Microscopic root canal

What is it?

Endodontics is the part of dentistry that treats the nerve of the tooth by removing it, which is commonly known as killing the nerve. Thanks to the technology brought to us by the microscope, the loss of dental material is minimal, it is much more precise because it helps us to avoid dental fractures and to detect additional canals. It is a less invasive, more precise and safer treatment.

It improves treatment success

Endodontics is a complex structure of canals, connected to other adjacent canals. Thanks to the operating microscope, we considerably reduce the number of canal failures that manifest themselves through unfilled canals. The microscope gives us a stereoscopic vision and an increase in the operating field.

Treatment stages

  1. The inflamed and necrotic tooth structure is removed.
  2. The dental cavity is thoroughly cleaned to the root.
  3. The space for filling is made and then we temporarily seal the tooth.
  4. At the next appointment, we will fill in the channels.


The endodontic tooth is more fragile because it is hollow inside, so you must be careful when chewing, avoiding taking very hard food, because the part could fracture. A fracture can make repair impossible and may mean having to remove the tooth.

After having endodontics, it hurts when I chew
My cheek swelled up after the root canal...
The temporary filling has fallen


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