Oral surgery is responsible for the prevention, study, diagnosis, and rehabilitation of oral pathologies. This type of treatment is indicated, for example, for the withdrawal of wisdom teeth, alleviating the problems they pose for their dental health.

Oral surgeries are also applied to people who have issues with oral mucosa to treat disorders such as braces, or the removal of benign cysts.

Cirugia bucal Malaga

In Clinica Tafur – Tafur Dental Clinic Malaga we offer anesthesia and sedation techniques to fully eliminate the pain and discomfort during surgery for our patients.

Computer-guided oral surgery Malaga

The technological advances allow us to carry out a virtual planning in implantology of the intervention with which we can see how and in which position the implant would remain after surgery. In addition, our dentists Malaga team would have exact information on how and where to place the implant accurately. This technique saves time, and gives a high security and piece of mind to the patient as he knows that the dentist is perfectly prepared on the surgery.

In the case of Malaga dental implants, we use guided oral surgery Malaga in order to ensure our patients a perfect and exact placement of the implant facilitating the surgical act. Thanks to the virtual planning prior the surgery, our dentists Malaga digitally check the current state of the teeth and the position they desire to have after the surgery.

cirugía bucal postoperatorio

Postoperative Care in Oral Surgery in our dental clinic in Malaga

The maintenance and care after a surgery is equally important as the actual surgical intervention itself. Our dentists use plasma centrifuge as a support during surgery to provide a reinforcement that allows a faster recovery of the patient.

In our work protocol we inform our patients after each surgery, which procedures they need to follow for their fast recovery. Besides, our team will attend you until you recovery completely from the surgery.

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