Orthodontics is a type of dental treatment which function is to diagnose, in the best possible way, any kind of alteration of the position and function of dental pieces. Thanks to the Orthodontics in our dental clinic in Malaga, we can correct all kinds of alterations in your mouth.

Qué es la ortodoncia

What is orthodontics?

Orthodontic treatments focus on improving the dental aesthetic by the improvement of the positioning of teeth. Orthodontics can be performed in two different ways, removable or fixed.

Fixed orthodontics

Fixed orthodontics with brackets is the most common way to improve the positioning of teeth. It is the most economical orthodontic treatment, and offers benefits for your oral health. Another term for fixed orthodontics is traditional orthodontics, as it was the first and easiest orthodontic treatment in the dental market. This type of dental treatment consists as a general rule of 3 different aspects:
-Bands that work as support or retention.
-Some types of elements known as stainless steel wires, TMA, nitinol, etc.
-Other auxiliary parts such as contraction springs or ligatures which may be rubber or qire.

Fixed orthodontics have their advantages and disadvantages. Orthodontics improve your bite and oral aesthetic by positioning. After the treatment you will enjoy a safer and more comfortable bite. The biggest disadvantage of orthodontics in Malaga is that it is usually more time consuming to take care of your oral hygiene. Due to the brackets placed on the teeth, it is more complicated to clean them well. However, there is another option to place orthodontics in Malaga, by placing invisible orthodontics with Invisalign trays.

Ortodoncia removible

Removable Orthodontics

Removable Orthodontics in Malaga are more comfortable than fixed orthodontics with metallic or ceramic braces. The patient himself can remove the removable orthodontic trays at mealtime or when brushing the teeth. With invisible orthodontics in Malaga it is possible to improve the bite and positioning of the teeth, reaching the same results as with fixed orthodontics.

With removable orthodontics in Malaga you improve your smile and dental aesthetic without that anyone notices. Invisalign in Malaga is ideal for adults, as it is very comfortable and easy to handle during the treatment.

Types of Orthodontics

Within the field of orthodontics, we can find different kinds of orthodontics focused on aligning our dental pieces or any kind of malocclusion. In the following we will present the different options you have when choosing orthodontics in Malaga.

Clases de ortodoncia

Aesthetic brackets

Aesthetic brackets in Malaga are a type of fixed apparatus that favors the perfect alignment of our teeth in an aesthetic way, as well as improves both the bite and malocclusion. Aesthetic brackets can be made of different materials, such as:

– Sapphire brackets: They are fully transparent and of small size. They are very resistant and adapt to your teeth in order to achieve perfection in your smile during the treatment and later.

  • Sapphire brackets: they are really transparent and of a small size. They are also very resistant, do not deform and adhere perfectly to the teeth. It is the type of orthodontics most in demand today and they do not stain.

  • Zirconium: thanks to this material, a greater resistance is achieved at the same time as it improves the aesthetics of the patient since they are white, very similar to dentine. Also, they do not stain despite wine or tobacco.

  • Porcelain brackets: they were much in demand before, but they have been improved by zirconium and sapphire brackets.

Metallic brackets

As far as this kind of brackets are concerned, they are those of a lifetime, which also offer high resistance for a lower price. A bracket is placed per dental piece and these will be joined through an orthodontic arch. Its main objective is to solve problems related to both the bite and the possible crowding, while closing any existing interdental space.

Among its main advantages, in addition to the price, is its resistance. They are ideal for the treatment of children’s orthodontics.

Among its disadvantages we can comment that the physical aspect of the patient, since, as we have commented previously, more and more people are opting for facial aesthetic treatments to take care of their physical appearance. That is why the main problem with this treatment is that they are constantly visible.

Brackets autoligablesBrackets self-ligating o Damon orthodontics

The main feature of these brackets is that they do not have ligatures, as it does with other treatments. They are replaced by some types of clips that are placed between what is the orthodontic arch itself and the bracket. This is achieved by moving these teeth to a correct position. They are also known by the name of Damon Orthodontics. although to this day there are many other self-ligating brands.

One of the main benefits of using this orthodontics is that hardly any pressure will be felt when wearing the device. In addition, cleaning is quite simple for not having any type of rubber. To add that it is not so necessary to go to your dental clinic regularly to check the status of orthodontics as it can happen with other kinds of treatments.

Invisible orthodontics or Invisalign

The world of orthodontics has evolved a lot for years and now we can talk about orthodontics transparent or without brackets, a totally revolutionary treatment. Thanks to it they are able to improve all kinds of problems such as the following:

– excessive separation of dental pieces

– dental crowding

– overbite

– crossbite and much more

The invisible orthodontics is perfect and ideal for all those people who need an orthodontic appliance but who have been reluctant to use it, because they work in front of the public. Both Invisalign and lingual brackets are perfect for this task.

Invisalign Málaga

The biggest difference that we can find in this type of treatment and the traditional ones with aligners is that they are totally transparent and do not use any type of bracket. Simply make use of 2 aligners that correct the wrong position of the teeth, which are replaced every 2 weeks.

In addition, you can remove them at mealtime or when you go to perform your dental hygiene, plus they are very comfortable to wear and will not produce any kind of chafing. In Clínica Tafur we are specialists in Invisalign Málaga, come and find out now !!

Lingual brackets

It is, without a doubt, the most advanced treatment in the field of invisible orthodontics. It differs from the rest of brackets because they are placed on the inside of the tooth, just the opposite of the rest. In addition, they adapt perfectly, since they are made one by one, always depending on the size and shape of the tooth.

For its manufacture gold is used as material and, when placed on the inside, no one will know that you are wearing orthodontics. It is a treatment and does not bother when talking, improving dental aesthetics at the same time.