Hello, very good dear reader, we are again here. And today, from Clínica Tafur we want to talk about invisible Malaga aligners, also known as invisible orthodontics. Undoubtedly, one of the most innovative and aesthetic techniques in the field of orthodontics in Malaga.

Thanks to this treatment we can correct from the beginning the position of your teeth, and all this without needing to carry fixed devices.

If you want to know more about this dental treatment, what it is, what it consists of, what types of Invisalign we can find or its price you just have to keep reading.

Invisalign Málaga

What are invisible aligners?

This orthodontic technique consists of a series of transparent aligners, practically undetectable, removable and comfortable that you can use without anyone noticing. These aligners are also very easy to remove and put back, so you can easily remove it at lunch or dinner or when you have to brush your teeth for your oral hygiene.

These invisible aligners are replaced after a couple of weeks. Undoubtedly, the most comfortable orthodontic appliance to wear.

What advantages does it provide?

Our treatment in invisible orthodontics in the city of Malaga has many benefits and advantages that we will detail below.

  • Aesthetic benefits: The aligners are transparent, almost no one will notice that you are wearing them.
  • Comfort: they adapt perfectly to the teeth, so they do not interfere in speech. They are easily removed for eating and drinking and do not contain metal parts that can cause friction or injury to the mucous membranes.

Also thanks to the invisible aligners we avoid, at the same time, the decalcifications of our teeth. In addition, all the treatment is a really comfortable procedure for the patient.

This treatment is especially indicated for all those people who are allergic to the metals with which the orthodontic appliances of the whole life are made. In addition, the patient considerably improves their own dental hygiene.

And if you do risk sports or contact sports, the invisible alienators treatment can be used without any problems.

In short, this technique stands out for the comfort for the patient and the ease to sanitize the mouth, as well as to prevent tooth decay and gum problems during one of these kinds of dental treatments.

Invisalign Málaga tipos

Types of invisible aligners

Within this class of invisible alienators we can get to differentiate up to 3 different types mainly, although there is some more.

Below we detail each of them, since there are small differences between them. Differences that are based exclusively on the amount of aligners that we can find in each of them.


Of all the types of treatment with invisible aligners, this is without doubt the most complete of all, hence its name in English. Thanks to this, any type of malocclusion that each patient has can be treated. In this case there is no limit as far as aligners are concerned.


As its name suggests, this type of treatment with invisible aligners is clearly focused for the smallest of the house, with which it is possible to correct the dental pieces that are about to leave. In this case aligners are also used unlimitedly.

The treatment usually has a maximum duration of a year and a half approximately always. In addition, being transparent and unrecognizable, the child can continue to lead to completely normal life, without fear that his friends will see him in no time.

Try now our Pediatric Dentistry Malaga and the oral health of your little one will always be in the best possible hands.


Of the 3 types of treatments with invisible aligners that we have seen, this is the most basic of them all. Specially indicated to correct those minimal deviations of our teeth.

To make the most of this kind of invisible orthodontics in the city of Malaga, up to 14 aligners or aligners are used in English. The duration of the same is usually around 8 months approximately. Being something more basic, this treatment by invisible orthodontics is usually somewhat cheaper than the previous ones.

How does it work?

The aligners are changed every two weeks, and are removed only for eating, drinking and brushing teeth. As we change them, there is a gradual movement of the teeth until reaching the final position that the orthodontist has established.

Invisalign Málaga funcionamiento

The visits to the specialist will be made every 4 or 6 weeks to change the aligners and to evaluate if the treatment evolves correctly.

The orthodontic specialist will conduct a thorough study of your case to determine if this treatment is the best option for correcting your malocclusion.

Frequently asked questions about invisible aligners

There are many doubts and many questions that patients often ask our medical team. That is why from Clínica Tafur we want to solve all those doubts that are presented to our clients.

Below you will be able to find more information about it:

What happens if I lose an aligner or have lost it? First, get in touch with your dental clinic. It is also advisable to place the adjacent aligner, but if you do not succeed, go to your query.

Should I use retainers when treatment has been completed? It is important that you use them, as they are able to hold the teeth in the position in the remain after the intervention.

The orthodontic device rubs me continuously, what do I do? This problem usually happens. If this is your case, you can use a special orthodontic wax and place it in the area where it causes pain. If your discomfort does not stop, go to your professional.

I’m a smoker, can I smoke carrying the aligners? Obviously it is totally inadvisable to smoke for multiple reasons. Here you have more information. But even more wearing this placed, since there is a risk that these pieces may be dyed.

I have spaces between my teeth, with this treatment can I disappear? That’s right, the interdental space will disappear thanks to all the Invisalign technology.

Can anyone submit to this treatment? Yes, well, except in special cases such as when the patient does not cooperate as it should (do not forget that it is a device that acts better the longer it is placed) or when there are few teeth and then the placement of dental implants is necessary.

How should I clean them? With the toothbrush and wash them later with water rather warm. There are also specific items for cleaning, such as special pills.

Does it hurt to wear this orthodontic dental device? Many people associate pain when really what you get to feel is a pressure on the denture. That’s because the teeth are aligning and positioning in the correct position.