Invisalign Clear Aligners




What is it?

This orthodontic system consists of a series of transparent, virtually invisible, removable and comfortable aligners that you can use without anyone noticing. These aligners are also very easy to remove and put back, so you can easily pull them out at lunch or dinner or when you have to brush your teeth for your dental hygiene.

These invisible aligners are replaced after a couple of weeks. No doubt, the most comfortable orthodontic appliance to wear.


How does it work?

The aligners are changed every two weeks, and you only take them out for eating, drinking, and brushing teeth. As you get a new set of pairs, a gradual movement of the teeth takes place until reaching the final position that the orthodontist has established. Visits to the specialist will be made every 4 or 6 weeks to change the aligners and assess whether the treatment is progressing correctly. The orthodontic specialist will carry out a thorough study of your case to determine if this treatment is the best option for the correction of your malocclusion.




Invisalign Málaga types

Our invisible orthodontic treatment in the city of Malaga has numerous benefits and advantages that we will detail below.

Aesthetic benefits: The aligners are transparent, people will hardly notice almost you wear them.

Convenient: they fit perfectly the teeth, so they do not interfere with speech. They can be easily removed for eating and drinking and do not contain any metal parts that can cause friction or hurt the mucosa.

Also thanks to the invisible aligners we avoid, at the same time, the decalcifications of our teeth. The full treatment is a really comfortable procedure for the patient.

This treatment is especially indicated for all those people who are allergic to the metals compare to the traditional orthodontic braces. Furthermore, the patient considerably improves his own dental hygiene.

And if you do extreme sports or contact sports, the invisalign treatment can be used without any problems.

In short, this technique stands out for the convenient and healthy aspects for your mouth.It also prevents from cavities and gum issues that this type of treatment entails.

Frequently asked questions

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