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In our clinic, art and science merge together to deliver high quality aesthetic dentistry, the natural balance between health, beauty function and bite.

Why is it important for the patient?


The end result must match and fit the natural features and the personality of each patient. Thanks to the experience of our specialists dentists and the technology available at Tafur dental clinic, we can deliver hight quality dental treatments.

Advanced dental centre

Science at the tips of our hands

XGUIDE Technology
3D Implant Surgery Planning Software:
Accuracy and Safety
Operating microscope
Digital measurements very confortable for the patient that are transformed by design software and CAD-CAM impressions into veneers or crowns.
FIRSTFIT Technique
Thanks to the FIRSTFIT technique we can place up to 20 veneers in a single clinic session of less than 1 hour
Digital protocols
At Clínica Tafur we digitize the protocols to maximize our efficiency and put innovation at the service of oral health.
3d Printer
Intraoral impressions with Trios technology allow us to 3D print crowns and veneers


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Monday to Friday from 8am until 10pm

Closed Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays