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Pediatric Dentristy Malaga focuses on the maintenance and dental treatments for young children. In early ages, it is much easier to diagnose and prevent the formation of a bad occlusion or other problems in the mouth.

Pediatric dentistry Malaga treatments mainly include infant fillings, bite adjustment, molar sealing or a check-up of gums and teeth. However, it is very important to visit a pediatric dentist Malaga at an early age, to prevent any future bite problems which could develop with the time.


When should my child visit the dentist for the first time?

A very frequent question which parents ask our dentists Malaga is with what age they should bring their children to our dental clinic Malaga Tafur. Most of the dental professionals recommend that a child should have his first pediatric dentistry Malaga check-up with the age of 3. However, with about 6 months of age, when the first baby teeth are coming in, it is also possible that the child will present a cavity in his teeth.

Pediatric dentistry Malaga is mainly to prevent future problems which the children can have as adults, if they do not visit the dentist on time. In our dental clinic Malaga Tafur, we have a pediatric dentist Malaga who can have a look on the oral health of your child.

When do the baby teeth come in?

Baby teeth usually come in when the baby is 6 months old, however, every case can be different so the months can differ from child to child. The first teeth who come in are the upper two upper teeth.

Later the two teeth in the lower jaw come in, and all the surrounding teeth follow them. Finally, the temporary molars come in.

Salud bucodental infantil

Oral infant health with pediatric dentistry Malaga Tafur

For adult their oral aesthetic is of high importance, but this is why it is so important to already take care of our oral health as an infant. Infants should learn early the habits of a decent oral hygiene, the importance of brushing our teeth and eating healthy for a good oral health. If the habit is learned early, it is easier to adapt it forever in our daily life.

For example, for infants who still do not have their baby teeth, their parents can clean their gums and mouth with a wet cotton. In that way, left food can be cleaned and washed out, and the infant gets used to the habit of washing or cleaning his mouth.

Until the age of 5, we recommend that an adult controls and supports the daily routines of their child while brushing their teeth. Usually, starting from the age of 8, children are mature enough to brush their teeth by themselves. However, we still recommend to control it regularly as a parent.

Every pediatric dentist Malaga will especially recommend you that your child should brush his teeth correctly before going to bed at night. Otherwise, the food traces in the mouth are too many hours in the mouth, and bacteria can develop very easily which can result in cavities.

What tooth brush should my child use?

Pediatric dentist Malaga generally recommend children to brush their teeth with a long tooth brush which they can hold well with their hand and that the tooth brush is soft to prevent gums from bleeding.

Cepillado dental infantil

Should my child use tooth paste?

It is important to add to the tooth brush of infant a tooth paste which has fluoride, as it reduces the appearance of cavities for infants. In our dental clinic Malaga Tafur, our dentists Malaga recommend to parents and children, to have this in mind.

Yet, children should have placed tooth paste on their brush by their parents ONLY if the child knows how to spit it out.

Should my child use dental floss?

A complete oral cleaning should include the use of floss after brushing the teeth. With floss, we reach areas which we cannot clean with our tooth brush as interdental spaces. So if you child can use floss, or if you can pass the floss for him, the accumulation of bacteria in his mouth could reduce, and the cleaning would be ideal.

What are possible dental problems for children?

If you visist our dental clinic Malaga Tafur, our dentists Malaga can inform you about the main three dental problems which children can have, and if your child is affected.

Infant cavity

A cavity in a baby tooth of a child which is causing pain is the most common treatment in pediatric dentistry Malaga. Some cavities can be spotted throughout a general check-up with a dentist Malaga. For infant, interdental cavities are common, as they rarely floss their teeth. These cavities are only visible with an x-ray. In our dental clinic Malaga Tafur, we dispose an x-ray machine which can spot all cavities.

Caries dental infantil

In our dental clinic Malaga, we change the cavity with a composite filling which is highly aesthetic and resistant. In that way, the filling is not visible as it matches the color and shape of the surrounding teeth. If children start having their normal teeth, the hygiene routines are very important, as the cavities can occur in permanent teeth which could cause pain and problems in future.

Dental trauma

Los dientes temporales, del mismo modo que los permanentes, presentan pulpa dental (lo que acostumbramos a conocer como nervio del diente). A veces, cuando las caries presentan una enorme extensión y profundidad, contaminan la pulpa, con lo que hay que tratar el diente y la nosología pulpar asociada.

Traumatismos dentales

In pediatric dentistry Malaga, the injuries in the mouth are seen as an emergency and priority. Whenever an injury or trauma has occurred, it is important to visit the pediatric dentist Malaga very soon. A dentist Malaga will evaluate and examine the harm which the injury caused, and how to treat it in the best way. For the valuation, x-rays need to be taken as they show the roots of the teeth and possible invisible injuries. In the case of your child suffered from a dental avulsion or a fallen tooth, the tooth should be kept in physiological saline solution until you arrive to the dental clinic.

Odontología infantil

In our dental clinic Malaga Tafur, we offer a team of professional dentists Malaga where some of them are also specialized in pediatric dentistry Malaga.

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