In our Dental Clinic Tafur in Malaga we inform you about what you need to  know about periodontics in Malaga, and we answer you all the questions and doubts you have concerning periodontics. To commence, periodontics is the speciality in dentistry which focuses on the soft tissues which surround our teeth, called periodonti.

The gums and bone are part of the periodonto which can get affected by infections due to a dental plaque and tartar.

Symptoms of a periodontal disease

To understand better what a periodontal disease is, we should learn first what causes it. Someone who has a periodontal disease (also known as gingivitis) suffers from redden or swollen gums which usually bleed while brushing teeth.

Another cause is the evolution of hypersensitivity with cold beverages or food, as well as bad breath, halitosis and/or bad taste in the mouth due to increasing bacteria in the mouth. An important fact which we should consider is that a periodontal disease does not hurt to the people who suffer from it. This is why, it is difficult for affected ones to acknowledge it, and only experienced specialists, as the dentists we have in Clinica Dental Tafur Malaga can diagnose the illness correctly.

The most common pathologies are:

  • Gingivitis
  • Periodontal disease
  • Halitosis


If you have reddened gums, you should get a scale and polish by a professional. The procedure is minimal invasive and consists of the removal of the bacterial plaque and tartar which accumulates under the gums. In Clinica dental Tafur we inform our patients about the best technique to brush our teeth, and which tooth brush serves the best to each patient. A professional cleaning can treat a periodontal disease which is in the first stage and did not affect the jaw bone.

Another treatment which can be done additionally is a gingivectomy, which besides is more and more being used by dentists in Malaga.

Periodontal disease

A periodontal disease, also known as pyorrhea, is a chronical disease which includes the loss of oral bone which surrounds the teeth and the dental roots. It can originate by many factors, as pregnancy, diabetes, smoking, bad hygiene routines or you can even inherit it by your family. A pyorrhea or periodontitis acquires a more profound cleaning than a gingivitis. Therefore, curettages are being performed by a professional which includes the scraping and cleaning of the dental roots by removing all the accumulated bacteria under the gums.


Halitosis is an illness which people can suffer in their mouth. Even though it can have different causes, its main motive is the accumulation of excessive bacteria in the oral cavity. These kinds of bacteria are usually able to cause that the proteins metabolize, by liberating in that way compounds of Sulphur. This procedure together with the dental plaque is liable of the bad breath or smell in the mouth which can also lead to social problems.

Enfermedades periodontales


Why do periodontal diseases occur?

A periodontal disease is the result of excessive bacteria which evolve under the gums and over the teeth, which cause an infection in the gums and attack the soft tissue. However, people can be rather suffering from it if they inherited it from their parents, by smoking, the consumption of alcohol, malnutrition or stress. Other reasons can be diabetes or AIDS.

Periodoncia estética dental


Can you cure periodontal diseases?

The most important step when you have a periodontal disease is to have a professional specialist who can evaluate how advanced your disease is. By knowing the stage you are in, the ideal treatment can be chosen for its healing or improvement whereby the main goal is to diminish the bacteria in the mouth of the patient. In our dental clinic, we have a team of dentists Malaga who can treat periodontal diseases.

For the first stages, special cleanings can be performed by dental professionals in Malaga, to reduce the bacteria and control the bone and gums of the patient. In fact, if once detected with periodontitis, it is highly recommended to visit the dentist Malaga every six months in order to let the teeth and gums being checked by a professional dentist Malaga, as well as to receive a clinical oral cleaning.

In the case that someone has an advanced periodontal disease, an oral surgery might be the only solution of treating and pausing the production of bacteria. However, this surgery is mostly minimal invasive which enables the reproduction of the weakened soft tissues. A periodontal disease is not contagious, but the bacteria can be passed by the saliva. However, these bacteria are not able to develop the disease in the mouth of the second person by themselves. For that, the affected one needs to comply with factors as genetic predisposition to stimulate the disease.

In fact, a periodontal disease cannot be fully inherited, but its genetic predisposition can be passed by. This is why in our Dental Clinic Malaga we recommend all our patients who were detected with this disease, to advice their partner to visit our clinic for a check up to assure them that the disease did not affect them as well.

How to prevent this dental pathologies

Encías retraídas periodoncia


Every dental pathology tend to reproduce and multiply. This is why, once diagnosed we teach our patients how to improve their daily oral hygiene. Besides, it is important to visit our dental clinic in Malaga every six months for a check-up and professional cleaning by one of our dentists in Clinica Dental Tafur Malaga. A decent oral hygiene routine helps to reduce the bacterial plaque and to pause the disease. Hence, apart of brushing the teeth 3 times a day, we highly recommend the use of dental floss and mouthwash to fight the bacteria on a daily basis.

With no doubt, to treat the disease it is necessary to visit the dentist every 3-6 months, depending of the stage. In our dental clinic Malaga Tafur, we use a special technique for our patients who are treating their periodontal diesease which is called “Plaque detector”. It contains a pill which dissolves in the mouth of the patient and later shows us where the plaque is being situated. In that way we can show our patients in which areas they need to brush their teeth better.

Relation between orthodontics and periodontics

On our webpage you can find a lot of information concerning our Orthodontics Malaga. We offer many different orthodontics Malaga treatments which are performed by our specialized dentists in our dental clinic in Malaga. Orthodontics consists of the alignment and the improvement of positioning of our teeth by trays or fixed brackets Malaga.

Tipos de ortodoncia que existen


In order to start an orthodontic treatment, it is very important that the patient does not suffer any periodontal disease. The gums need to be healthy, otherwise an orthodontic treatment can rather harm than benefit the patient. This is why, in our dental clinic Malaga, prior to start an orthodontic treatment, a specialized orthodontist and periodontist evaluate the gums and teeth of the patient to offer him the best results.

Once detected with a periodontal disease, the infection needs to be treated successfully in order to afterwards start an orthodontic treatment as Invisalign Malaga which are invisible aligners to improve the teeth positioning.

What to do if suffering from teeth loss?

If you suffer from teeth loss, it is highly probable that you have an advanced periodontal disease. In our dental clinic Malaga we aim to treat the periodontal disease of our patients by keeping and treating the healthy teeth which are safely positioned in the mouth bone. If you have lost a tooth, our dentists Malaga can improve your dental aesthetic and biting comfort by replacing the gap with a dental implant and crown.

Other treatments if periodontics Malaga

Soft tissue graftings Malaga

In the case that after receiving professional cleaning in our dental clinic Malaga, you continue feeling hypersensitivity by eating or drinking something cold, you should consider a soft tissue grafting Malaga. This treatment is meant for people who have hypersensitive gums as a result of a periodontal disease which affected and retracted the gums which make the dental roots visible. A soft tissue grafting in our dental clinic Malaga involves small soft tissue or gum grafts Malaga which cover the dental roots and surrounds the teeth in an aesthetic and natural way.

Treatments with membranes for bone regeneration

In some cases it is necessary to place a membrane and substitute bone under the gums to regenerate the gap in the bone which resulted due to the infection. As the periodontal disease affects our gums, the accumulation of bacteria retracts progressively the mouth bone which cause moving or fallen teeth.

In our dental clinic Malaga we can evaluate your case with no compromise during your first consultation. We can inform you during your appointment if you are affected by a periodontal disease, and in its case, offer you the treatment you need.
Salud bucodental durante el embarazo

Oral health dring pregnancy

During the pregnancy, women tend to have swollen gums and to suffer from gingivitis (first stage of periodontitis). Hence, the gums are red and sensitive, and have a disposition to easily bleed. Mostly, after the birthgiving their gums improve slowly.

In our dental clinic Malaga Tafur, we recommend visit our dental clinic in your second trister for a check-up and scale and polish. The care of the oral health is very important during the pregnancy.