Porcelain veneers


Hello dear reader, here we are again, but today we come to talk to you about porcelain teeth, a treatment that we could include within dental aesthetics. They are also known as porcelain veneers and thanks to them you can achieve much whiter and healthier teeth, a treatment that is gaining more followers, especially among famous people and television.


 What are the porcelain teeth?


 Basically we can say that they are veneers aimed at improving the dental aesthetics of the patient. They usually have a thickness ranging from 0.8 mm to 1.5 mm and are placed directly on the front of the tooth. For this, a kind of resin is used with which the tooth is coated. With this, it is possible to completely change the aesthetics of the person.


Thanks to these thin sheets at Malaga Dentists we also correct any damage, fracture or dental caries present in the patient’s mouth.

Cómo se fabrican los dientes de porcelana


How are they made?


These porcelain teeth are called like this because they are made from porcelain. Being an especially resistant and hard material, it is able to perfectly resist any type of abrasion.


In addition, porcelain hardly changes color, ideal for our teeth, since certain foods, beverages or tobacco, change the same color of the teeth over time. They will never turn yellowish.


 When do we recommend the use of veneers?


The best answer to this question will be given by your trusted dentist, since each case is individual and differs from the others. Despite this, this class of teeth can be used to:


To be able to correct in the best possible way any type of dental fracture.

To be able to perfectly cover the so-called interdental spaces of the patient’s teeth.

Also correct the color variations of the dental pieces.

Correct and align both the shape and the position of the teeth.

At the same time, when the person smiles, the gum is less visible.

To be able to perfectly replace the lack of a dental piece, greatly improving dental aesthetics.

In addition to everything mentioned, thanks to these porcelain teeth, the patient’s own dental texture is respected in a perfect way. Thanks to this, porcelain veneers are a non-invasive treatment, so you will not suffer any type of discomfort during its duration.

Ventajas de los dientes de porcelana


Advantages of veneers


 The most important advantage obtained with this dental aesthetic treatment is to infinitely improve the aesthetic appearance of the denture and smile of the patient in question. With these porcelain veneers for teeth we can correct the alignment and the shape of the teeth, among other aspects.


We must also highlight again the enormous resistance that porcelain offers, which can last for years. The same fixation that is used in porcelain dentures usually lasts at least about 15.


In addition to this, it should be noted that they will always maintain their original color, so they will not stain despite the fact that you drink coffee, juices, wine or tobacco smoke. They do not even require specific maintenance.


As you can see, thanks to these porcelain veneers you will wear a more than perfect smile, thus eliminating any possible dental fracture or the physical space between the dental pieces.


Length of time of the veneers


 It is somewhat complicated to be able to provide specific information to the question of how long veneers last, although it is normal for them to last at least 10-15 years. As we have previously commented, this type of porcelain teeth do not require rigorous maintenance once the treatment is finished. But it is advisable to dictate a series of guidelines to follow for their proper conservation.


That is why we must pay special attention to our daily dental hygiene. This should be just as rigorous, brushing our teeth at least 3 times a day, flossing after brushing our porcelain teeth, and using the best mouthwash.

Dientes de porcelana cuánto duran


Always avoid trying to open things with your mouth, such as plastic containers or the nuts of a lifetime as one of these 3 things can happen to you:

They can take off so you would have to go to your dental clinic again to be glued.

Porcelain veneers can break, so you will need to make a new one and pay again.

They may lose some color, so either a new veneer is manufactured or a teeth whitening treatment can be performed.

Porcelain veneer prices


Porcelain veneer prices are higher than composite veneers, basically because their manufacture is much more complex than the latter. The dental veneers price are usually around 400 or 500 euros for each veneer.


But remember that in Clínica Tafur all your treatments can be financed, so that it is not an effort to pay for them. Request an appointment right now!


CEREC Veneers


We understand that aesthetics is a sine qua non condition of all dental treatment. Therefore, in our center we have CEREC technology


By means of this sophisticated system, we can take measurements of the patient’s mouth in three dimensions, obtaining a virtual dental model that allows aesthetic veneers to be designed with greater precision than with conventional techniques and in fewer visits to the dental clinic.


Once we take the teeth measurement with the digital scanner, we send the file obtained online to a specialized CEREC laboratory, which designs the aesthetic veneers.

This design is shared with the clinic in real time and, once we give it the go-ahead, the laboratory manufactures the veneers that fit perfectly on the dental pieces.


The CEREC system has been used for more than 30 years in reference centers in different cities around the world, and as expected, it has evolved over this period of time, becoming the reference system for this type of technology. .


In this sense, I wanted to bet on this leading system and make it available to our patients and residents of Malaga, being the pioneers in acquiring the CEREC Connect system in Spain.

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