At Tafur Clinic we know that looking good means a lot to you and that a healthy and beautiful smile not only provides security but also conveys a good image.

We are specialists in dental aesthetics and we have highly experienced dentists, the most advanced design technology, high quality materials and excellent guarantees.

Today we will talk about white spots on teeth, they are not very aesthetic, but they should also be studied to rule out other major causes and fix them, so that the patient has a healthy smile.


What are the causes of white spots on my teeth?


  •  Poor mineralization of the tooth
  •  Eating some foods that cause white spot
  •  Lack of calcium would lead to these white spots on your teeth
  •  White spots can also be caused by excess fluoride in childhood
  •  Possible cavities with a white spot appearance



Can you avoid white spots?


The team of specialists at Clínica Tafur recommends having good dental hygiene, in addition to doing a dental check-up every 6 months or every year to maintain excellent oral health and to prevent unwanted dental defects from appearing. We also recommend:

  • Avoid foods that are very acidic, these in the long run could create aggressions to the teeth
  • Avoiding smoking is not only harmful to health but can also cause staining and dental damage.

Remember that prevention is an excellent measure to avoid dental problems.

Treatments for stained teeth

Treatment by decalcification: the case must be studied, as it could be a dental caries, its solution is normally a filling with composite for the affected piece, using the infiltrate technique.


Lack of fluorine: for this type of case, a treatment with this same material could be performed, and assess whether treatment with veneers is necessary after the result.


Demineralization: This is a process that happens during the formation of the definitive teeth, these stains cannot be removed, the best solution will be dental veneers.


Consumption of medications: It is a type of dental case that does not usually clarify, and that requires treatment through veneers to have a satisfactory result.


Procedure with Microabration: When the white spots have already become caries, they are treated with a procedure that removes the superficial layers of the most affected dental enamel, being very conservative and trying to touch as little as possible the tooth in question, leaving it completely healthy, to later make a reconstruction in said piece with composite, making the piece look very natural.

Veneers as a solution to this type of dental defect.

At Clínica Tafur we advise you and offer you the best options for treatments on dental veneers, First fit veneers and Cerec veneers to restore a natural and healthy smile.

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