Sinus lift

Over 15 years of experience

Under sedation

Minimally invasive

What is it?

For the implant placement, it is necessary to have a minimum of bone both horizontally and vertically. When insufficient, sinus lift iis a surgical procedure that involves inserting the bone into the affected area.

Treatment steps


Data collection Tafur

During this meeting which takes 1 hour and a half, we take a serie of 3D images and take digital photos of your smile and your bite. We set your diagnosis and the treatment options needed. We can even show you the design of smile prior starting the treatment. In this session, we also explain the different materials used for making teeth and the waiting times after sinus lift.

Sinus lift surgery

The second visit is scheduled the following day and its duration depends on the amount of bone required.


Implant surgery

This appointment will be 3 or 4 months after the sinus lift. Time required for the osseointegration. Its duration depends on the number of dental implants to be placed. Before this appointment, our team will have analyzed your case and planned the surgery with precision software that allows us to place the implants atraumatically.


Teeth fitting

A few hours after the implant surgery, we can place a temporary fixed complete prosthesis so that you do not miss teeth during the entire process of osseointegration between dental implants and the bone, they are called “teeth in one day “or” 24h teeth “. The fixed prosthesis is placed approximately 3 months after surgery, but may vary depending on the case.

Other treatment options

Maxillary sinus lifts is the ideal treatment for boneless patients who wish to have dental implants. In some cases, both by personal choice or by doctor´s recommendation, there are other types of solutions that also allow you to place implants in the boneless area.

DIVA implants

The DIVA system is based on an implant that elevates the sinus membrane itself without the risk of perforation thanks to its unique internal valve. A configuration that allows the injection of bone substitute directly through the implant.


Zygomatic implants

The zygomatic implants are placed in the facial cheekbone, the zygomatic bone. It is indicated for patients with significant bone loss who want fixed teeth without waiting for bone integration in the maxillary sinus. They are longer than conventional implants and immediate loading is possible, unlike those undergoing sinus lift surgery.




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