Sports Dentistry

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Many sports such as soccer, rugby, boxing or basketball among others, have a risk of accidents and injuries. To prevent injuries in the mouth can cause a breakage, movement or fall of tooth we recommend to our patients in our dental clinic Malaga to use a mouth protection for these kinds of sports.

Férula dental como protector bucal

The best mouth guards for you

In our dental clinic Malaga Tafur our dentists Malaga manufacture some types of mouth guards with flexible materials which adapt perfectly to the jaw of the athlete. They are specially designed, taking into account the age and sporting activity that is carried out, allowing breathing and speaking during the sport without any difficulty.

It is very common that when competing or training, athletes release stress and tension by gritting their teeth, which causes them to erode quickly, something similar but not equal to bruxism or grinding teeth. In addition, athletes are exposed to possible injuries that could cause the breakage, loss or displacement of the teeth, affecting chewing and talking, as well as dental aesthetics.

It is also important that you know that Invisalign Málaga – invisible trays – can be used as a mouth guard during sports practice, as they are invisible aligners instead of metal brackets, which could cause other problems. Therefore, the IOC itself (International Olympic Committee) already recommended in the year 2000 that the athletes take care of their dental health to avoid having a negative influence on their sports performance. For all this, many sports today require a mouth guard such as these:

  • Boxing mouth guards
  • Rugby mouthguards
  • Mouth protector
  • Mouthguard hockeyComo limpiar una ferula dental

Benefits of the mouth guard

El empleo de estos tipos de protectores bucales son muy diversos. Pasamos a enumerártelos a continuación:

  • The mouth guard is composed of very flexible, hygienic and comfortable materials
  • Adjusts perfectly to the athlete’s teeth
  • They are manufactured in a totally customized way, adapting in this way to age, exercise or sport
  • Thanks to this dental protection, the breathing difficulties caused by standard protectors are reduced
  • They are able to prevent traumatisms in the jaws.
  • Reduce all injuries that can occur in the jaw, teeth or face.
  • Finally, note that the mouth guard allows you to speak without difficulty when it has been placed
    Protector bucal tipos

Oral protector classes

Today we differ between 3 large types or groups of mouth guards that we can find in the dental market, all of them necessary for the practice of different kinds of sports.

Shapeable mouth guard

These models are the cheapest in the market and are available in almost any sports store or pharmacy. These protectors must be introduced in boiling water and, as its name indicates, it is molded with our teeth through a bite.

But careful, in the case that the mouth guard is bitten with excessive pressure, the plastic can have a too little thickness. In that way, the mouth guard will not be very effective. And it can also be removed very easily from the mouth, whereby it could be taken out too easily so that it could fall out while practicing sports.

Customized mouth guard

These models are more expensive than the previous ones as they are of higher quality and fully customizable. In this way we can offer the best protection to our patients, adjusting perfectly the dental protector to their bite, being comfortable and simple to wear.

In our dental clinic Malaga our dentists Malaga can customize for you a mouth guard. The mouth guards adjust perfectly to the teeth of the patient and have many benefits. They can also be customized with a pattern.

Orthodontic protector or mouth guard

These models of mouth guards are designed exclusively for those people who are ongoing an orthodontic treatment with brackets. The orthodontic protector adapts to the brackets and wires, and protects the patient if they suffer some kind of injuries in their mouth through sports.

In addition, they are simple to put on and take off, and as they are 100% invisible they are also highly aesthetic.


We can say, that thanks to these protectors and mouth guard we can improve our dental safety while we practice sports and reduce the risk of any kind of injury or trauma in our mouth. In our dental clinic Malaga our dentists Malaga can inform you about the ideal protector for the kind of sports you like to practice.

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