The dental clinic you can trust

In our Dental Clinic Malaga we only use machines which allow us to offer our patients an exact and safe treatment. All our team is well trained and experienced with the new technical machines we use in our dental practice Malaga for orthodontics, implantology, and dentistry in general. In Clinica Tafur Malaga all our dental chairs are equipped with the best machines and materials in the dental market to offer you the best results.

Specific attention to the patient

In our dental clinic we have a person in charge who is responsible for your follow-up treatment and appointments. In that way, you will be always informed by everything you need to know about your appointments as well as you will have a person who will be your reference person for any situation and at any time. Financial and personal matters you can also discuss with this person, who will elaborate the best options for you. And keep in mind, that in our dental clinic Malaga we provide financing for up to 3 years for our patioents with no interest rates!

You can find our opening hours here on our website. You can book your first appointment through this website, Facebook or calling 952 203 376.


In our dental clinic Malaga we provide 4 different x-ray machines to diagnose and monitor your case. Our x-ray machines have very low radiation.


An interproximal is done by biting a sensor to see the gap and combination between the upper and lower teeth.


This kind of x-ray shows two complete teeth with the roots in an image.

Occlusive or Palatal

This x-ray shows all teeth, both inferior and superior teeth are captured in one picture.


At our dental clinic Malaga our dentists use a panoramic x-ray machine which captures all teeth and jaw bones in one image. The x-ray machine rotates around the head of the patient. This system is ideal for implantology and orthodontic treatments, but also for regular check-ups to make sure that the teeth and roots are healthy.

Class B autoclave – Maximum hygiene

In our dental clinic Malaga we only use the Class B autoclave to sterilize all the instruments we use during the treatments. We sanitize all our instruments ensuring a complete bactericidal and sterilizing process. With our sterilization and hygiene processes we guarantee the optimum condition of hygiene in our dental clinic Malaga.

Philips Zoom Whitening –Most successful and popular whitening system in dental market

Philips Zoom WhiteSpeed

Philips Zoom technological whitening system is based in LED light, which whitens the teeth improving up to 8 shades in a single clinical session of 45-60 minutes. During the whitening process, a dentist Malaga will be supervising the procedure at all times. Philips Zoom Whitening Malaga is the clinical whitening leader in the USA thanks to its innovative system. It removes stains of tea and coffee, as well as smoking. This whitening system will allow you to have whiter teeth with trhe guarantee and safety provided by Philips brand.

Philips Zoom DayWhite

This whitening system is an alternative to the WhiteSpeed which whitens the teeth day by day. For this system, personalized trays are being used for 30 minutes each day. You can do it from home or at work. In our dental clinic Malaga we will show you how apply the whitening product to your trays and how to maintain them.

Philips Zoom NiteWhite

This whitening system is very similar to the previous one, only difference is that you use the trays at night while you sleep. In our dental clinic Malaga our dentists Malaga can inform you about the ideal whitening system for you!

CEREC- Accuracy and convenience in taking measurements

CEREC is a technological machine which permits our dentists Malaga to take measurements of your whole mouth within 45 seconds by using the CEREC machine as a 3D scanner. This digital technology system reaches very precise and advanced results in a fast, safe and exact way. In that way, the restorations like porcelain veneers, zirconium crowns, ceramic fillings, etc. can be reached in very few sessions.

The CEREC machine has a camera which allows scanning the mouth in order to make studies. In that way, the dental piece can also be designed digitally as the measurements have been taken digitally as well. The advantage is that the digitally created tooth will fit later perfectly to the mouth of the patient. The biggest advantage for the patient is that the measurements taking do not include any silicones or other paste as the typical traditional molds. In that way, records can be taken fast, and with great precision.

The prostheses, covers and veneers made with CEREC are adjusting perfectly to the tooth thanks to digital precision. The tooth is completely biocompatible and allows to plan the treatment in a more comfortable way for our patients since many visits are not necessary.

Plasma centrifuge – Less recovery time after surgeries

This technology allows faster regeneration of the treated area with a shorter recovery period.

Blood plasma is the liquid and acellular fraction of blood. In addition to transporting cells, it carries the food and waste substances collected from them. Plasma causes blood serum when the blood coagulates- The platelets found in the plasma are blood cells that help in the coangulation process and that are also a source of multiple growth factors. When these are activated, they release all their growth factors.

A natural process by which the patient is provided with their own cells to promote recovery in a faster way thanks to their own plasma.