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Quality dental treatments

At Clínica Tafur we believe in early diagnosis, prevention and conservative dentistry. We differentiate because we are an integral part of your oral health

Dental implants

They can replace one or more teeth, may be specific for patients with little bone or may even be of different material.

Conscious sedation

Type of anesthesia used for complete rehabilitations of one arch or both.

Bone grafts and sinus lift

In our center we have the means, experience and knowledge necessary to perform complex bone grafts.

Dental esthetic

To restore harmony, beauty and balance to the smile of the patient we have numerous dental aesthetics techniques.

Bruxism, TMJ and Occlusion

We offer numerous treatments to correct these problems depending on their severity.


We respond to periodontal diseases by treating the tissues that surround and hold the teeth.


We diagnose any type of alteration in terms of the position and function of the teeth, and we treat them in two ways, with fixed or removable orthodontics.


We treat the nerve of the tooth by removing it, which is commonly known as killing the nerve. Thanks to the use of the microscope the loss of dental material is minimal.
Our clinic

Experience and state-of-the-art technology

Thanks to the experience of our specialist dentists and the technology available at Tafur Dental Clinic, we are able to offer high quality dental treatments.

XGUIDE Technology

3D implant surgery planning software: Accuracy and safety.

3D implant surgery planning software: Accuracy and safety.

Thanks to the FIRSTFIT technique we can place up to 20 veneers in a single session in a clinic in less than 1 hour.

Diagnósticos dentales: Evaluación y tratamiento

Click to see the video about the first visit to Clínica Tafur.

First visit

A comprehensive diagnosis to choose the best treatment

The most important thing about dental treatment is the diagnosis. Therefore, your first visit lasts 1 and a half hours. During this appointment you will go to the doctor’s assistant to take x-rays and digital photographs and then to the specialist doctor in your case.

Prevention is the best dental treatment. Periodic dental hygiene is recommended before starting any treatment.

First visit

Steps of the first visit

Thanks to technology we can be more precise in the diagnosis and anticipate possible conditions


Performing bitewing x-rays to control interproximal caries. Duration of approximately 15 min.

Consulta dental: Atención personalizada


Intraoral scanning with CEREC to control recessions, crowding, partial or total destruction of teeth and/or missing teeth. Thanks to this scan we will be able to show you your teeth in 3D. Approximate duration of 15 mins.

Consulta dental: Atención personalizada II


If there are signs of periodontal disease, a periodontogram will be performed. Duration of approximately 30 minutes.

Consulta dental: Atención personalizada III


Evaluation with the dentist and treatment plan. Recommendations.

Questions and answers, budget and financing.

Consulta dental: Atención personalizada IV

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