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A dental prosthesis is a substitute of teeth for people who have suffered from teeth loss. Teeth loss results in problems in biting and eating comfortably, as well as aesthetic gaps. In the case that someone suffers of teeth loss, dental prosthesis can be the solution to fill the gaps, as a removable or fixed denture over implants.

Prótesis dental artículo

Types of dental prosthesis

In the area of prosthodontics, we mainly differ between a full mouth fixed denture and a removable prosthesis, even though they exist other kinds.

Fixed dental prosthesis

A fixed prosthesis is being manufactured with exact measurements of the denture of the patient to fit him perfectly and to offer the patient an ideal replacement of teeth. Fixed prosthesis is being fitted on dental implants which had been placed in the jaw bone previously by a surgical intervention. In our dental clinic Malaga we perform this kind of treatment: We replace moving teeth with the placement of dental implants Malaga and a fixed bridge. However, there are two different kinds of fixed dentures.

  • Prosthesis over teeth: They are being directly attached over the teeth of the patient. In that way, in our dental clinic Tafur Malaga, we attach this kind of denture as an Invisalign treatment with trays.
  • Prosthesis over implants: This kind of prosthesis is being fixed over one or more dental implants. In that way the implants serve as a dental root, and the prosthesis as the visible teeth.

A fixed denture can be made of different materials as pure porcelain or zirconium. Besides, in the way a dental prosthesis is formed, we can differ between crowns, dental bridges and complete dentures.

Prótesis dentales coronas


Crowns can be fitted over a dental implant or directly over a natural tooth by being cemented or screwed over a tooth or implant. The material of a crown can be ceramic or metallic ceramic. In our dental clinic in Malaga we can inform you about their exact differences and advantages. In your next appointment you can consult it with one of our dentists Malaga.

Dental bridges

Bridges substitute two or more missing tooth next to each other.

Complete denture

As its name reveals, complete dentures substitute an entire denture or both. It can be designed digitally, and manufactured in different materials. A denture is the ideal way to improve your aesthetics after suffering from severe teeth loss.

Prótesis dentales removibles

Differences of removable dentures

A removable denture can be a denture of an entire arch or of some teeth which are placed next to each other. A removable denture can be placed over the gums and being easily removed as it is not fixed over implants or teeth. In some cases, a removable denture is the best option for the patient if he has suffered from bone loss as well. As they are easy to remove a decent oral hygiene can be easily done, and the denture can also be cleaned precisely.

Like fixed dentures, removable dentures offer a new biting comfort to patients and improve their oral aesthetic. By replacing teeth gaps with dentures, you can achieve a beautiful and healthy smile. In Clinica dental Tafur we can inform you about the ideal treatment for you.

Tratamiento de medidas cerec en malaga

CEREC-Digital measurements

In our dental clinic Malaga we a CEREC machine at our disposal. Our dentists Malaga use the CEREC machine to take measurements of our patients’ bite digitally. In that way, within some seconds our dentists can register the bite of our patient on the computer by using a camera-like scanner.

Once finished, our doctors can study your case on the computer to offer you the best result.

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