What are receding gums?


Hello and welcome to this blog from Dental Clinic Malaga. We are already approaching the Christmas holidays and today we want to talk about the subject of receding gums, everything you need to know about them. What they are, why they receed, as well as the treatments for it and the best natural remedies to treat this type of oral problem.


So if you don’t know what’s receding gums and want to know a lot more about it, I encourage you to sit down and take note of what we have to tell you today.

Encías retraídas qué son

How many types of gum recession are there?


Many people suffer from this type of gum problem. It should be treated early to avoid major problems in the future. With proper treatment of the receeded gums, we will also improve the dental aesthetics of the patient himself.


They generally have their origin when the root of the dental part is completely exposed because the margin of the gum itself moves as a direct consequence of a periodontal disease.

Why do the gums receed?


The main and most important reason why the gums tend to receed are, as we have just seen, in periodontal diseases, such as gingivitis or periodontitis, but they are not the only ones.


Another solution is to perform a gingivectomy. 


It is difficult to resolve gingival recessions simply by orthodontic treatment, although it is true that in some cases there is an improvement when placing the roots of the teeth in a more favorable position on the bone. The most normal thing is that once you have finished treatment with Invisalign, the recessions remain the same or have been slightly corrected.

At that time, you should consult with a periodontology specialist to assess the possibility of gum grafts to cover recessions.

Let’s see why the gums have receeded a little deeper below.

Encías retraídas periodoncia

Periodontal diseases


This is usually the main reason for having gums in this way and we can differentiate it based on when this type of gum disease is detected.

Because of gingivitis


s we have already commented in this article, gingivitis is nothing more than suffering from inflammation of the gums, largely due to food leftovers that are the home of bacteria or the accumulation of odious dental plaque, giving rise to tartar.


Since there are bacteria in our mouth, they group together under the name of “dental stones”. The only way to permanently remove them is to go to your trusted dental clinic so that your dentist can perform thorough dental cleaning.


Otherwise, and over time, the gums gradually weaken, so it will be too easy for the sufferer to lose bone mass. Other than that, it is common for the gums to bleed when brushing or even while eating.


In the case of gingivitis, it should be borne in mind that if the person is a smoker, the gums do not bleed due to nicotine itself and the tobacco compounds, so this gum disease can go unnoticed.


This is why it is advisable to always visit the dentist from time to time for checkups.

 Because of gum disease


This gum disease is preceded by gingivitis and can also be called pyorrhea. In this case, the tartar already accumulates between what is the gum and the tooth itself, thus giving rise to what are called periodontal pockets.

Over time, these pockets gradually destroy the tissue surrounding the affected tooth as well as the bone itself. This can lead to permanent loss of infected teeth.

The tobacco


As you well know, tobacco is totally harmful to our body and it is also harmful to our dental health. In the case of retracted gums, which are the subject of discussion today, smoking can lead to the loss of gums.


All of this is due to the fact that tobacco itself acts as a blocking agent, thus not allowing blood circulation to reach the gum, while weakening the person’s immune system. In addition to this, bacteria move freely, so periodontitis continues to attack.

Therefore, we strongly recommend that you quit smoking and your body will greatly appreciate it.

Encías retraídas por cepillado agresivo


Aggressive brushing


nother reason why the gums retract is due to the use of toothbrushes with too stiff bristles. If we add an aggressive brushing, we run the risk of breaking the gum tissue itself.


When this happens, the best treatment is a gum graft, which again covers the root of the affected tooth and, after a while, the gum returns to its normal state.

Because of an orthodontic appliance


The gums can also shrink due to poor orthodontics. This can motivate the gums to be damaged by this type of dental treatment because the teeth are outside of what is called a bone table.

Suffering some type of mouth trauma


This is another factor in the receding gums and may be due to having suffered any type of trauma or blow to the mouth following any type of accident. In these cases, it is very easy to lose periodontal tissue.

Because of teeth grinding or bruxism


Suffering from bruxism is a factor that favors the retraction of the gums, due in large part to the fact that the enamel of the tooth in question jumps, leaving the dentin fully exposed. In this case, if we brush our teeth with too much energy, we run the risk of using the dentin itself.

Encías retraídas antes y después

How to recover from receeding gums?


If you are wondering if there is a treatment to recover the retracted gums, the answer is yes. Although the first step is to study each case individually and find out why they are suffering from gum retraction, so knowing what condition the gums are in.


There are different treatments aimed at solving this problem. Here we are going to expose 2 types which are the gum graft and the stretching of the gums themselves.


Gum graft


Using this type of micrograft, what is done is to create a very small incision in what is the tissue of the patient’s palate which will later cover the affected gum.

It is a minimally invasive type of intervention, in addition to being practically painless, with which the patient’s recovery is carried out quickly and is not bothersome.

The Pinhole Surgical Technique


This is another class of treatment aimed at resolving receding gums, where a coronary type elongation occurs through what is called a flap.

Encías retraídas colgajo


This treatment is performed on people who always keep their interdental papillae completely virgin and intact. Once the gum itself is stretched, the root of the tooth is then covered, thus bringing the gums back to their original place.

If you think that your gums may recede, that you are bleeding or that you have one of the symptoms described in this article, we advise you to make an appointment now in our clinic and we will suggest a solution immediately.

Receeding gums, remedies


 There are also different types of home remedies for receeding gums which we will list below.


Aloe vera


As you may know, the Aloe Vera plant has many benefits for our body. And as for the lower gums, because it is able to considerably reduce any kind of affection of our dental gums.

Vitamine C


There are different types of studies that have shown that eating foods rich in vitamin C can treat any type of inflammation, such as dental inflammation or even bleeding.

Eucalyptus as a natural remedy for receeding gums


Another very good way to fight against this type of gum in a 100% natural way is to use eucalyptus. Unsurprisingly, this ancient medicinal plant has high properties against inflammation, especially those found inside our mouths.


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