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What is the X-guided navigated surgery?

The X-guided system uses the 3D images collected during the diagnosis to plan with precision the surgery in advance and to be able to put it into action during the procedure.

Step by step

The new system delivers a high level of control and precision for the surgery of dental implants. We can scan, plan and navigate the surgery. It is exactly like a GPS which allows us to do it the very same day.

  • We take first an impresion of the teeth with a malleable material that hardened when it colds down.
  • We place the X-Clip over the patient and 3D Scan the damaged area.
  • We use the software to place the implant with precision. This tool allows us to  see the position of the nerve and the planning simultaneously.
  • We start the procedure and the interactive guide of the navigated surgery improve the accuracy and speed of the result.

And the benefits?

  • Much more precise
  • The procedure is more confortable for the patient
  • Surgery is faster
  • Minimally invasive, keyhole surgery
  • Fast recovery
  • It maximises bone availability therefore may prevent further bone graft surgery

3D images

Surgical planning

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Navigated surgery for implants

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